by toogie 21 Feb 2023

Hi Cuties! This is a long shot but here goes. To all of you stateside.

I am in dire need of a 9x12 piece of BLACK CUT-A-WAY Stabilizer. I live in a rural area and Walmart’s are 20 miles away in 3 different directions. None of the 3 have it. The fourth direction is 40 miles away with a JoAnns and a Hobby Lobby. I called HL but they didn’t have any. I didn’t see any on JoAnns web site.
All my stabilizers are white. I don’t think I’ve ever had to use black or that it really mattered before. However, this is important. My grandson wants his racing number on a jacket back ( not his fireproof racing clothes). He bought a jacket for causal wear and it had embroidery on the front. The company emb with a black stabilizer. I will will be embroidering the back so I’d like black stabilizer too as it will show on the inside once jacket is removed.
I cut a piece 9x12 of white cutaway that I have and folded, it will fit in a regular long envelope, so should just be a stamp. It shouldn’t be overweight bc I’ve received thick papers in same size envelope that was same thickness . So my question is, would anyone in the states have any Black Cutaway they would be willing to part with and send to me? If so, I will send my address.
Another thought. My daughter found some on Amazon but I’m unsure if it’s actually real cutaway. I think it was from China, might be like interfacing. Have any of you ordered before? I will only order as last resort bc I don’t need yards and yards of it. I have been embroidering almost 20 years and I believe this is my first real need for Black cutaway. Appreciate any help as I want to get this done ASAP-Toogie


by sewmadau 26 Feb 2023

Hi from West Oz, I have black tear away have never needed it. If you get stuck, I am more than happy to send it to you. No idea how long it would take to reach you, but willing to give it a go.

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toogie by toogie 27 Feb 2023

How sweet! Thank you but I probably have what I need just doing other stuff right now.

by cfidl 26 Feb 2023

I hope you have gotten what you needed. I just have black tear away.

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toogie by toogie 27 Feb 2023

I have received some but haven’t embroidered yet, thank you.

by sewpam 22 Feb 2023

Hi Toogie, I have Pellon Black Shape-Flex Fusible. It probably will not be heavy enough for your project, however, it would keep an additional layer of white cutaway from showing through. I can get in the mail today if it will work.

toogie by toogie 23 Feb 2023

Someone is sending a piece, so I will let you know, if it works out, thank you though.

sewpam by sewpam 23 Feb 2023

You are welcome..

by laffma1 22 Feb 2023

Hi Toogie - I’m sending you a PM.

by airyfairy 22 Feb 2023

Oh Toogie, I have black cutaway, which I have never used. Unfortunately you probably know that I live in South Africa and our postal service is virtually nonexistent. I wish you huge success with your project.

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toogie by toogie 23 Feb 2023

I understand you never using yours, because I have really never had the need to use black over the years. I understand about postal too that is why I asked for any stateside Cutie. I do want to finish it in my lifetime-lol

by mrskiki 22 Feb 2023

Toogie, what are you using it for? The poly mesh is a cutaway and may well work for your project. It has a soft hand, not stiff like paper-type cutaway. I have tear away and poly mesh also. Just let us know and one of us will send you what you need. Hugs. Nan

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toogie by toogie 23 Feb 2023

As I stated above, I am embroidering a design on my grandson’s jacket. It’s a type of maybe polyurethane, with a bonded fleece on the inside. I won’t be able to hoop the jacket itself, bc it will leave a hoop burn on the polyurethane.

by sewtired 21 Feb 2023

I hope graceandham's information solved your problem. I, too, only have polymesh and tear away.

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toogie by toogie 23 Feb 2023

Thank you for replying anyway.

by graceandham 21 Feb 2023

Call Sewing in the USA. (GA and AL) They ship all day long and are reasonable.

graceandham by graceandham 21 Feb 2023

Had to go find phone again. 706-645-1060. (Gave up their 800- number I think. They give small company, Southern, personalized BIG SERVICE and have lots of supplies for cheap because they supply to so many commercial stitching outfits. Great white tearaway at cheapo price around $20 on big roll. Nice prices on 100 needles, etc. I use the tearaway for tearaway and for cutaway because such good product. Love ya girl. Tell them the size piece you need and they will suggest the most economical way to buy that piece! They sell precuts for 4x4 hoops by the 100 pieces or so for next to nothing. Have fun.

toogie by toogie 23 Feb 2023

I did look at site and will keep for future reference. Thanks!

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by sebsews edited 21 Feb 2023

Toogie. I hope I have what you need. I have oesd poly mesh cut away and I have black tear-away stabilizer 9 inches wide. I can send you some on Friday, no earlier because we are expecting ice storm.

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toogie by toogie 23 Feb 2023

Oh, I hope your weather not too bad. I thank you for offering but I think someone is sending me a piece.

by pcteddyb 21 Feb 2023

I also have black no show mesh - if it is dense you will definitely want more than one layer (and this is not the best stuff either). Let me know if I can help with that.

toogie by toogie 21 Feb 2023

Again I appreciate but really wish I had the black cutaway. My husband said maybe I could dye the white. Does anyone know if this is possible as a last resort?

asterixsew by asterixsew 22 Feb 2023

Stabiliser is man made and such is far more difficult to dye. Have thought about this question and my suggestion is to use white, trim after use and then iron black cotton fabric over the back which hides the stabiliser. Oh these challenging jobs we get handed

toogie by toogie 23 Feb 2023

I read about dyes. There is a dye just for synthetics but kinda expensive to try and perhaps not work.

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by dragonflyer edited 21 Feb 2023

Hi Toogie... I can put a piece of Black No Show Mesh Cut-Away in the mail to you today...I just need your address.

toogie by toogie 21 Feb 2023

I’ve never used that and the design is pretty dense. Let me see if someone else has the cutaway bc I’ve used that before. While I do appreciate your offer, I think I will have to hoop the stabilizer and then pin the jacket, so it won’t have hoop burn on it. Not sure if I can pin to mesh to secure well.
Let’s wait and see but I do appreciate the offer.

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 21 Feb 2023

Okey Dokey....

by kustomkuddle 21 Feb 2023

I'm sorry, I just looked and I am out of the black cut away. I get it from my local dealer.

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toogie by toogie 21 Feb 2023

Thank you anyway.

by asterixsew Moderator 21 Feb 2023

Good luck with this Toogie

toogie by toogie 21 Feb 2023

Thanks, I guess bc Black is rarely used, stores don’t stock it. Not enough purchases of it as most people use white.

toogie by toogie 21 Feb 2023

Ps. Just out of curiosity, is it hard to find in your country?

asterixsew by asterixsew 21 Feb 2023

No not at all