by mrskiki 16 Feb 2023

Hi Ladies. I have been doing a bit of cleaning in my sewing room and found some Wash-Away-Puffy-Felt. Cannot for the life of me figure out why I bought it! What would you use it for? Thanks. Hugs. Nan


by malemb 16 Feb 2023

Never heard of this product so did a little search and found this post about it. Still not sure how it is really meant to be used, but sounds like it could be used to add loft in quilted designs with open areas between the stitching (like in a pillow or quilted bag panel). Hope this helps.

“ The felt is much like the puffy foam which is used for satin-stitched embroidery. Except, this felt washes away so that you don't have the stiffness of the puffy foam which remains under the embroidered design. With the wash away felt, you're left with a design which has soft raised areas.”

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mrskiki by mrskiki 16 Feb 2023

Thanks. That is what the info included with it says, but won't the stitches be too loose once the foam is washed away? Clear as mud to me!