by dailylaundry 26 Jan 2023

Here are three little girl tops that my friend asked me to stitch for her sweet little Parker. I did the largest first, 6-9 months size, then 3-6 months size was next and I left the smallest, the most difficult one, last - it is 0-3 months size. I am also showing what it looked like ITH. It was a tad stressful as I didn't want to mess them up! I kinda thought a more feminine thread color would be nice, but, this is what she wanted! Thanks for looking! Hugs and flowers to all!!! Laura


by sonjapotgieter 29 Jan 2023

Gorgeous..Hooping is difficult Always!!!

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dailylaundry by dailylaundry 29 Jan 2023

I agree - the last shirt was really small!! Thanks and hugs to you! Laura

by dlonnahawkins 28 Jan 2023

Great job, Laura. I find that if I am doing these tiny things if I clip the extra material, it is easier for me to keep from catching something under the needle. But it is a challenge to do such tiny things. I didn't make our youngest great-granddaughter anything until she was older. She was a preemie, and there was no way I was going to do something that small. she is 17 months old now and is in 12 months.

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dailylaundry by dailylaundry 29 Jan 2023

Thanks bunches - they were a little challenge to do - but once I had one down the other two were easier for me! Enjoy your sweet great granddaughter!! Hugs, Laura

by pennifold 28 Jan 2023

Oh! these are brilliant Laura, I know how difficult they are to hoop. Love Chris

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dailylaundry by dailylaundry 28 Jan 2023

Thanks bunches, Chris!!! I was so happy they turned out okay! Hugs, Laura

by noah 27 Jan 2023

Ah Parkers Momma will love these Hugs xxx

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dailylaundry by dailylaundry 27 Jan 2023

Thank you, Carolyn - she did!!! Hugs back!

by basketkase 27 Jan 2023

What a great job you did on these.....I know how tedious the baby things are to do and you did this expertly!!

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dailylaundry by dailylaundry 27 Jan 2023

You are too kind!! I am always nervous stitching for others!! Bunches of hugs!!!

by 02kar Moderator 27 Jan 2023

A gentle pat on the back to you. I know it wasn't easy. But oh, you have made Parker's mom happy. I also like graceandham's suggestion of a lettuce edging. I hope to see more of your projects soon.

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dailylaundry by dailylaundry 27 Jan 2023

Thank you, Karen!! My dear Hubby and I have just recently recovered from influenza and sinus infections. We were sick all of December and into January. So, I am just getting back into stitching again. I hope you are getting some relief from your pain!! Hugs!!

by Tu2ml 26 Jan 2023

Nice work! Baby items can be difficult, but so cute when done. Parker’s mum will be thrilled.

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dailylaundry by dailylaundry 27 Jan 2023

She was so happy with them and the blanket I embroidered for her! Hugs to you and welcome to Cute!

by graceandham 26 Jan 2023

Nicely hooped. Someone could have posted a pic like this one a few years back and saved me a lot of unpleasant words! It's really quite easy once you see the hooping! Maybe when Parker gets older she'll let you zigzag stitch the outer edge of the neckline as you stretch it to make a frilly edge. My teacher called it "lettuce". Very feminine.

dailylaundry by dailylaundry 26 Jan 2023

Thank you for the kind words! I used a water soluable pen to mark the shirt so the lettering would be straight and did the same on my hooped stabilizer. That helped a bunch! I love your idea of a "lettuce" neckline! Hugs, Laura

worthy by worthy 26 Jan 2023

Thank you both for you tip and comments. Wonderful job on the shirts.

dailylaundry by dailylaundry 29 Jan 2023

Thanks bunches!!