by sewmadau 25 Dec 2022

On Thursday the 22nd of December we were on our way to the doctors, then we were off to finish the shopping for Christmas. We were only two blocks from home and in a school zone where one has to do 40k I doubt I was even doing that, when out of the blue on my right-hand side we were T boned by a four-wheel drive. The driver went through a give way sign, she hit us so hard we ended going up the street she came out off. I was trapped in the car and had to be cut out of our lovely car. Thankfully my husband was not injured. We were so lucky the car behind the four-wheel drive, gave a witness statement to the police and the people in the house on the corner also gave a statement. There were police, firemen, and the ambulance, I think our car will be a right off, the four-drive had oil and petrol running everywhere, so the firemen had to spray the road and stop all the traffic, all this was told to me later, also the four-wheel was not in good condition, thankfully it was insured. At the scene the police charged the woman with reckless driving.

I was taken to hospital and had every test imaginable. After many hours I was told that I was very lucky and had no serious injuries. At the moment we are both aching in just about every place one can think off, we have some very bright bruises, in the most unusual places.

Both of us are so grateful to so many people we possible will never get the chance to say thank you. It may seem strange, but we are mourning our lovely car, we bought it new when my husband retired, it was in perfect condition, we had only just filled the petrel tank and booked it in for a service in the New Year, it only had 30,000 on the clock.

Reaction has only just set in, I am usually a very confident driver, but right now I am so unsure of myself, I am back driving and hope to overcome and conquer this fear. Our lovely family have been so very supportive, they stayed at the hospital until I was discharged, drove us home and even made sure we had something to eat. The next morning our son had been very busy phoning the insurance company and they have given us loan car for a couple of weeks. It was so nice to read the email from the insurance company, telling me we had not lost our no claim bonus because I was not in the wrong.

We keep hugging each other saying thank goodness we are ok and alive.

Have to say when son said on the Friday that we were off to pick up the loan car I was really worried. I drove that car home with my foot on the brake and doing barely 40k's, by the time we got home I was a mess.

Our lovely DIL organised for us to go over their place for a rather late lunch, it was only then that we both realised we had not eaten since breakfast the day before.

We celebrated Christmas with our son and DIL and it was while driving over there we both suddenly felt so very tired, and all we could think of was if only we could have stayed home and gone back to bed. LOL

I was interviewed by the Police on Friday, I really did not have to tell them very much, because they already had enough people telling them that I was not speeding plus the other driver went through a give way sign. Also, the woman said that I was speeding, and it was my fault, she lied about her speed, what a silly thing to do lie to the police. I told the sergeant I could have punch her lights, at the time I could not knocked the skin of a rice pudding. They said my reaction was normal.

Now to stop seeing the accident every time I close my eyes, yes, we are so lucky it could have been worse, which does not bare thinking about.

Thank you for letting rabbit on, I know that you all understand just how I am feeling.

Wishing all my lovely friends on one of the best sites going, Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year


by sewmadau 26 Dec 2022

Thank each and every one of you for your kind words, support and wish's. We did have a lovely Christmas with our family. Unfortunately, reaction had started to click in and all we really wanted to do was sleep. After all the trouble our lovely DIL went to there was no way we were not going to celebrate with them.

You are so right when I sat down to write my first email, I was all over the place, writing to you all really helped get things out in the open. I am amazed that I spelt everything correctly, because I was really not me. "G"

Once again thank you all so very much.

by peafarm 26 Dec 2022

My husband and I watch these YouTube video's and wonder why people just don't care about their driving, can't drive or do things like this to people. My husband always tells me when I leave home 'don't wreck the car'. I've only had been in one accident when I was young leaving work and stopped at a traffic light when hit behind by a lady driving a large truck with a road ice scraper in the front of her truck. I sure was surprised when she hit me. I am very glad you have come out of this but it is a mental trip for a long time making us frightened about everything on the road. Praise God you are o.k.

by jrob Moderator 26 Dec 2022

How terrifying! I'm so sorry you had that happen to you. I'm thankful you are ok and have started getting back to "normal". Happy New Year to you!

by pennifold 25 Dec 2022

Oh! my goodness, what a story. I am so thankful that you both are OK and only have some bruises, you were certainly being guarded by Angels. Thankfully you had some reliable witnesses to agree with your recollection of the accident. The main thing is that you both still have each other.

I know what you mean about flashbacks, I'm still getting some from being at Mum's side when she fell. I too would suggest speaking with a counsellor, it will help.

Prayers and gentle hugs to you both and please have a wonderful Christmas break and may 2023 be a much better year for us all. Love Chris

by crafter2243 Moderator 25 Dec 2022

Wow. I can imagine how frightening this must have been. Main thing is "you are OK". I hope the pain and bruises will subside soon.
Merry Christmas.

by dragonflyer 25 Dec 2022

Wow, so glad you are both okay...the car is replaceable... you two are not!

by 02kar Moderator 25 Dec 2022

Oh, my goodness! I just want to wrap you in a hug and not let you go. I promise it is a very gentle hug. I think you just lived through a miracle. I agree with Gerry, you and your hubby have angels with you, protecting you. Don't hesitate to get some counseling to help with the flashbacks. I hate to see you suffer one moment longer than you need to and counseling can and will help. Please do enjoy Christmas with your family. They are certainly a blessing. And post us to let us know how you are doing.

by sdrise 25 Dec 2022

Oh My That is so frightening. . Glad you are both OK... You sound like you are in shock right now. Cars are replaceable but not human life. Your guardian angel was protecting you both. Rest and have a good Christmas with loved ones. Suzanne

by gerryvb 25 Dec 2022

Take good care, and there must have been angels watching over you, so you both were alive and uninjured. Have a blessed Christmas .

by graceandham 25 Dec 2022

Bless your heart, you've been through a great deal. Amazing that you are only horribly sore and out a car. A good time to cling to your loved ones and voice what really matters. May your Christmas be filled with simple joys as you sort your way through this mess. I wish you much joy, patience, love and a sense of home as you go through this time.

by toogie 25 Dec 2022

What an ordeal! I am so glad to know you and your husband will recover without broken bones or serious head injuries. I understand how you are both sore, from the accident having been a passenger, in a few accidents myself. I do hope you overcome your fear of driving or traveling, as this is a necessity in all our lives. Thank God you both are alive because the car can be replaced.❤️Merry Christmas to you both and Happy New Year too!

by asterixsew Moderator 25 Dec 2022

A Christmas you will not forget. Yes you are alive and uninjured and that is the most important part. It is possible the speedometer on the other car was damaged in the crash and still shows exactly the speed she was doing. Take care and hope your flashbacks stop very soon