by jrob Moderator 15 Dec 2022

I saw this while online this morning and thought how appropriate it is for all of us, but more so for those sweet friends here who are dealing with sickness, either in their homes or those of their loved ones. Be still and have a simple Christmas.


by stork 15 Dec 2022

Very nice. Was talking with my 7 year old grandson today and he said "Grammy, you know Jesus is the real reason we celebrate Christmas". That kid has always been so strong spiritually. Merry Christmas to all!

by graceandham 15 Dec 2022

Mine has been the simplest ever. Three hours of Christmas present shopping. No decorations out. Still need to find the special dinner plates. May wrap the gifts. Still have to buy a roast, some cake, and fresh produce next week and special kitty treats. Church and concerts online! Lots of time for introspection about Jesus. Smiling behind my mask!

by 02kar Moderator 15 Dec 2022

I love this! I admit I think many of us have forgotten the true meaning of Christ's birth. I know I am really thankful for the much simpler holidays we have now giving me time to reminisce about the true meaning of our holidays.

by crafter2243 Moderator 15 Dec 2022

Thank you for posting this. Good thing

by dragonflyer 15 Dec 2022

Wish I could see it...I can see from the thumbnail it says something about the First Christmas....Holiday blessings to you and yours, Jerrilyn...

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jrob by jrob edited 15 Dec 2022

It says, the first Christmas was pretty simple. Reminding myself its okay if mine is too.
Thank you and to you as well!

by asterixsew Moderator 15 Dec 2022


by mrskiki 15 Dec 2022

Love it. We all need this reminder when things get hectic. Hugs. Nan