by rescuer Moderator 09 Dec 2022

Because Cute is world wide, we use different measurements based on Meters or Yards. We also measure temperatures differently by using Fahrenheit or Celsius. In the USA we use Fahrenheit. This last summer temperatures in my State exceeded 100 degrees Fahrenheit for more than a month. That translates to at or above 40 degrees Celsius. Today, it is warmer than the last few days. It is freezing right now (32 degrees F) Time for dinner.

What is the temperature where you are now? Remember to add the F or the C


by noah 11 Dec 2022

Well it is -10C in my bush today with colder nights at about -20c.
We have hardly any snow yet .Like 5 inches or less .I would love a green C/mas but i doubt it lol

rescuer by rescuer 11 Dec 2022

We've had enough snow that ski resorts opened early this year. It is hard to get the ice off the walks--even with ice melt where I live. We always dip down in the negative temperatures by January. -10 F to -15 F is common for a few months.

noah by noah 11 Dec 2022

That's not to bad :):)by this time we normally have a foot ot two of snow .So i love only a few inches .Saves me work:):)

by asterixsew Moderator 11 Dec 2022

Well its freezing in the UK at the moment and we have snow. Its chilly outside but warm and cosy inside. Sadly my geraniums outside in the big planters outside the front door have died as has my neighbours. Thats sad as they have blossomed since early summer.
I work in both metric and imperial measurements and have done since college days in my early 20s. Our metres are written differently to the States

rescuer by rescuer 11 Dec 2022

Do geraniums usually make it through your winters?

asterixsew by asterixsew 11 Dec 2022

Sometimes but the big planters were looking very pretty and get many comments as people walk past the house

AuntAnnie by AuntAnnie 11 Dec 2022

I dig my geraniums and over winter them inside. I had one for about 7 years.

by toogie 10 Dec 2022

It’s 70 degrees F at 9:15 pm. We just came in from eating out and I’m so full all I can do is look at my phone online.-lol- a hot day today. Hubby has been working 2 days on the leaves in the yard. Still not through in the back.

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rescuer by rescuer 10 Dec 2022

It's been a while since we've felt 70 F. I could use some of the leaves to insulate some plants. I think we will be seeing some colder temperatures this Winter.

by sewmadau 10 Dec 2022

It is 21C here today, and the weatherman has promised in the high 30"s by the end of the week. Hoping that we don't have a very hot Christmas day, not a fan of the heat. Oh, should mention I am in West Oz.

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rescuer by rescuer 10 Dec 2022

High 30's C is hot enough. We get really cold in Winters and really hot in summers. I hope Christmas day is just right.

by AuntAnnie 10 Dec 2022

36F (2C) rotating between snow and rain here in north Idaho.

rescuer by rescuer 10 Dec 2022

I thought you'd be cooler by now.

AuntAnnie by AuntAnnie 11 Dec 2022

We are in "warm" days right now with today (Sun.) being the warmest (40F) before daytime highs begin dropping to below freezing and lows into the low teens.

by pennifold 10 Dec 2022

We are in Summer here in Newcastle, NSW and it's a lovely 18C at the moment (10.00pm Saturday evening) It got to about 22C and tomorrow it's going to be 28C. Love Chris

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rescuer by rescuer 10 Dec 2022

Those are pleasant temperatures. I hope you won't have any 40C days this summer.

by 02kar Moderator 10 Dec 2022

I just checked the temp and it's a toasty 58F It's been a roller coaster of temps here: from the low 30s to into the high 70s for several weeks. And itis dryer than usual.

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rescuer by rescuer 10 Dec 2022

It's funny how our temperatures are so different. The low 30's is cold for your State, isn't it?

by zoefzoef 10 Dec 2022

Belgium: we are approaching Winter : Today : 0 degrees Celsius

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rescuer by rescuer 10 Dec 2022

We will warm up a little today. Enough to melt the ice a bit but it won't help much. We will be below freezing again tonight. The melted ice will be ice again.

by crafter2243 Moderator 10 Dec 2022

Right now 34 F high was 46 F. It is finally raining more often

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rescuer by rescuer 10 Dec 2022

I am glad you are getting much needed rain.

by sewtired 09 Dec 2022

My phone says it's 72F, it got up to 81F today. I thought this was supposed to be Winter!

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rescuer by rescuer 09 Dec 2022

Wow! We had some warmer days--but like 55F We started earlier with snow this year. I hope we get LOTS! Our water reservoirs are so empty. We need the snow.