by graceandham 25 Nov 2022

Was out of town today and had a bill I wanted to mail so I found their post office which had the new style of mail boxes in their drive thru. The lady two cars in front of me got completely out of her car and stood pinched between the box and her car to squnch down and mail her letter. Then the lady in front of me did the same thing. What is the matter with these people, I thought. It turns out, design does matter. The box did not have the chute part that sits near the car, but it did have a new design feature to prevent anyone from reaching inside to steal mail. You can't reach the trap door from your car unless your arm is an extra 6" longer than most people's. But, now everyone, including yours truly has to pull up, put car in park, and get out, even in the rain to drop mail in the drive thru. Who thought this was a better idea?

Do you think about design convenience when making your sewn and embroidered items, like, is the neckline easy to put over the head, does this section need to be adjustable? Is this easy for a new mom to dress baby in? Etc. Design matters.


by asterixsew Moderator 26 Nov 2022

Gosh drive through post offices - something for the future in the UK. Currently our local post office and shop are being updated and not open. I usually rush out of the front door, across the road and stuff the post into the box and then come home. Takes a couple of minutes. Drive through banks too,,,
Finally sewing when done is thought about with care and alterations made as required.
Design is very important

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graceandham by graceandham 26 Nov 2022

We agree!

by AuntAnnie 26 Nov 2022

I can sympathize with you, graceandham. I generally drive a full-size truck. I cannot reach the container in the pneumatic tubes at the bank without opening the door because my arm is too short. I usually go inside to conduct my business.

by noah 26 Nov 2022

Lol that's so funny .Here in my bush we still go inside and hand it to the lady behind the counter

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graceandham by graceandham 26 Nov 2022

Would be so much simpler - but I would still get rained on! Good to see your pretty face.

by 02kar Moderator 26 Nov 2022

Oh my! This sounds like it could be in a sitcom. And I agree with you, design does matter. I don't have long arms and often find it hard to reach the buttons when at a drive thru bank machine. And yes, I have had to either back up to get closer or to just give up and go to the walk-up machine.

by sewmadau 25 Nov 2022

That sounds like me when I take my husband to have his eyes checked, we come out of bright sunlight into a dim parking area. Trying to work out just how far I am from the ticket machine is really difficult, you would think having done this for several years I would know, not me out I get to get the ticket every time. The last time I could not work out how to find the ticket, it was just too dark, had to press help.

So far, we don't have drive in post boxes here in Oz, hope we never do, because I will be in big trouble. LOL

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graceandham by graceandham 25 Nov 2022

Ya gotta laugh, or you'll cry.