by dlonnahawkins 25 Nov 2022

Well, we survived Thanksgiving, but at my age...well, 10 little ones under the age of 9 simply wore me out. Even the two little one-year old got involved. The youngest was all over the house even though she is not walking yet and made as much noise as the bigger kids. So did the little boy. I heard him squeal and thought it was a bigger kid. But, with 20 here eating it was sure tiring. My oldest granddaughter has 4 kids of her own, then 4 foster kids. But they call us PopPop and Gigi, just like the others do.

We had decided to have brunch so others could join the other side of their families for the dinner. Hubby and I got some rest, and I sure needed it. I had been up since 3:45, and my old body sure let me know it.
Now I have to concentrate on getting hyped up for all of them over here for Christmas too. Oh my, the excitement that will be here too.
Cyber hugs to you all.


by hightechgrammy 27 Nov 2022

Boy do I know what you mean! Kids are draining, wonderful but they wear me out too!

by graceandham 26 Nov 2022

It sounds wonderful. Maybe a drop-in at Christmas? (To limit the time.) So glad you have so much family to enjoy.

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dlonnahawkins by dlonnahawkins 27 Nov 2022

Thank you.... we had the 4 foster kids added this year. We actually have 2 more greats, but youngest grandson is in the AF and out in San Antonio. Hopefully next year we will have 4 more. He has 2 little boys, ages 2 and 1.

by mrskiki 26 Nov 2022

I "only" had 8 at my house but I was still exhausted when they all left. Several years ago when my husband was very ill just before his death, I felt I could not do all that cooking, etc. So my daughter-in-law ordered a meal for 12 that all we had to do was heat it up. It was so delicious we decided to continue doing it each year! And this year from HEB, our local grocery store, was delicious as well. Even the turkey was tender and moist. Hugs to all. Nan

by 02kar Moderator 25 Nov 2022

Oh my! That is a lot of little ones to keep track! And I'm sure they all had a wonderful time. Blessings on your granddaughter to take in 4 foster kids too. I hope the 2 of you manage to have a good long rest before gearing up for Christmas. Now I feel a smidgeon of guilt for the first time in 35 years to celebrate with just my husband and me. But it was wonderful.

by toogie 25 Nov 2022

I think it was 23 of us, at my youngest daughter's, Ashley"s house yesterday. She has started a few years back having Thanksgiving there so I can have everyone here Christmas Day. She says its too much for me to cook, having holiday so close together. We had plenty to eat and lots of good times. We ended up teaching Ashley's inlaws how to play Farkle. They are hooked! At night the electricity went out so we continued to play in the dark with only flashlights to see. We also made up 'ghost' stories, each person adding creativity, to continue the story. Some parts were more hilarious than scary. While Nora's, age 9, were funny, Gus', age 6, were more violent. Maybe that's just the boy side but I told Ashley he needs therapy-lol It is always a great time with family but like you, glad too, when it's over. Older people can only stand so much noise!

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dlonnahawkins by dlonnahawkins 27 Nov 2022

Toogie - that sounds like fun. I actually have a few of the greats that would get into that. I had one that kept coming up to me and telling me she was a zombie girl. UGH

by asterixsew Moderator 25 Nov 2022

Sit back and go and do some embroidery and relax... We too love having all only 4 grandchildren here but when they go we love the peace and quiet and returning to our routines of life. I am sure that you all had a fantastic time and have some great memories of your Thanksgiving 2022