by dollygk 24 Nov 2022

Help Cuties, I was contacted by another cutie as follows, on Nov 15th I have tried contacting her but the cute PM does not recognize her name, Help!!

Dolly, If you are still doing the names on your snowman, I would appreciate it if you would prepare the following names: (pes format) powellrh

-- Jeffery, boy
-- Oliver, boy

-- Grace, girl
-- Zaraina, girl
-- Zaylan, girl
-- Mindy, female


by rescuer Moderator 24 Nov 2022

Did she send you a PM? You only need to reply if that is the case.

rescuer by rescuer 24 Nov 2022

Also, the user name is case sensitive.

graceandham by graceandham 24 Nov 2022

Case sensitive means that capital letters and small letters do matter.

rescuer by rescuer 24 Nov 2022

Thank you for that help. Low on sleep...
Keep in mind many phones will try to give you a capital letter automatically at the start.