by dollygk 07 Nov 2022

Cuties, hello! I need your help, Pleeeease. I plan to make personalized bath towls (large and fluffy) for gifts and I REALLY COULD USE ANY HELP.... any tips will be most apreciated!!!!!!!


by sebsews 08 Nov 2022

Lots of good advice from Cuties. I have never floated, but I will try. I do use a cut away stabilizer on my towels. Good luck and show us the pictures!

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dollygk by dollygk 08 Nov 2022

Thanks and will do!

by graceandham 07 Nov 2022

Everybody seems to have given thorough advice. I would add to slow down the machine. You're asking it to do a lot. Take pictures and show us!

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dollygk by dollygk 08 Nov 2022

Good Tip Thank you

by sharonleekesner 07 Nov 2022

I personally use tearaway in the hoop because it stays in the design (Monogram) to give it strength. Be careful pulling any kind of stabilizer away from the towel. The loops of towel can be pulled. ACK! I use wws on the top and I float the towel on the top of the stabilizer, pin outside the design area and use a basting stitch to hold it all together. I baste after I have placed the water soluble. Sometimes I baste twice. Once to keep the towel in place, in the hoop and then again when placeing the wss on top. Best of luck and do show us pictures. I too have used a knockdown stitch or tulle to hold those loopys down.

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dollygk by dollygk 08 Nov 2022

Many thanks!!

by sdrise 07 Nov 2022

Hi Dolly I do a lot of fluffy towels. I use wash away in the hoop. Then I use temp spray and float the towel on top. You can pin it also if you want to. Then I use a piece of Tulle on top and another piece of wash away. The tulle acts like knock down stitches. When done just cut around the tulle and pull off the wash away. Quick and easy.
I usually choose tulle close to the color of the towel. White is great for white and cream towels and I would use black for the darker towels. Just hold a piece of tulle on the towel to determine which color disappears. Hope this helps you. Suzanne

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dollygk by dollygk 08 Nov 2022

Thank you... Thank you!!!

by dragonflyer 07 Nov 2022

Be careful with temporary spray and/or sticky stabilizers...some can be very difficult to remove without pulling the loops in the towels...Also, depending upon the design(s) you might need to use a knockdown under the design to keep the fluffy loops from burying elements of the design. If I float, I prefer to pin the towel to the stabilizer making sure the pins are outside the stitch area. Always use a WSS topper for towels regardless of thickness. If you use knockdown stitching under your design, you do not need to even use stabilizer...hoop the towel tightly. You will also need to make sure that whether you hoop or float, the rest of the towel is supported to keep the weight off the hoop.

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dollygk by dollygk 07 Nov 2022

I had to google knock down and many thanks for the tips I'll be reading them as I work!!!

by gerryvb 07 Nov 2022

trying to help:
If they are too large or fluffy to hoop , you can try to hoop sticky tear away stabilizer and place them on this, so they stay in place, and always water soluble on top....hope it will work for you. But perhaps others have other ideas. good luck 😊

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dollygk by dollygk 07 Nov 2022

Thank you Gerry..... I'll need all the luck LOL

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by asterixsew Moderator edited 07 Nov 2022

Dolly I will leave others to answer this but will say that I do use wws on the top. Its going to be interesting seeing how many hoop and how many float

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dollygk by dollygk 07 Nov 2022

Thank you and I am going to 'float' because I broke a 5x7 hoop trying to get it on a towl LOL