by mmgreyhounds 19 Sep 2022

I am looking for a website that has names already digitized. I used it years ago and I would like to look for some more names. Thanks, Maureen


by mmgreyhounds 19 Sep 2022

Thanks again for your response. The names I need have not been archived. I'm sure that is why I didn't download them or bookmark the site. I will bookmark it now.

by rescuer Moderator 19 Sep 2022

It seems you've asked before.
It's OK. We all need help from friends.

mmgreyhounds by mmgreyhounds 19 Sep 2022

Thank you. I could not figure out how to search the community.

rescuer by rescuer 19 Sep 2022

You can always ask for help. Clicking on your name will show you your posts. I hope you find what you need.