by rescuer Moderator 15 Sep 2022

Having trouble seeing pictures here on Cute? Be sure to clear your cache often--once a month. Windows 10 will run better. Your computer will run faster and you'll get the newest data from websites.

For Windows 10: Press the Windows key , type Disk Cleanup, and press Enter . Or, press Windows key + R , type cleanmgr, and press Enter . Select a drive and click the OK button.

You can find how to clear your cache on your computer by doing a Google (or other search engine) and follow the instructions. They might even have a YouTube video you can use.


by dragonflyer 15 Sep 2022

Yup, but unfortunately that does not work for me....Cleared Cache, did Disk Cleanup, Refreshed, Cleared Cookies, tried 3 different browsers...everything I could think of... I don't see anyone's pictures in Projects on their individual post until 24 hours have passed...I can see the main Projects pictures thumbnails right away, but none in the actual post until after 24 hours...This is fairly new, I would say in the past two months at the most.

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rescuer by rescuer 15 Sep 2022

This is being worked on. I don't have a estimate for it being completed. Thank you for being patient with Miss Veronika.

by 02kar Moderator 15 Sep 2022

Thanks for the tip. I am very sure there are many of us who didn't know this.