by jenne 13 Sep 2022

My daughter and I are planning on redoing my sewing room the computer table, I have is an old corner one huge and in bad shape so I plan to get a new small one, perhaps get rid of some of the clutter.


by fannyfurkin 14 Sep 2022

Have fun, it is nice to have a functional sewing space. Will you post pictures when you are done?

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jenne by jenne 15 Sep 2022

yes plan to, but it will take a few days I will need to order my computer table.

by graceandham 13 Sep 2022

The clutter we will always have with us. It's just how we organize it, or don't. Have fun re-setting things and we'll look forward to your next pretty sewing project, dear.

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jenne by jenne 14 Sep 2022

thanks, It will take a couple of day to get everything redone plus I must order my computer table.