by rescuer Moderator 22 Jun 2022

Cuties, if you have ever had a "query error" here on Cute, please tell me what you were doing at the time and if anything was different from the normal on Cute. Where were you posting and how long did the error occur--like how many times in a row?


by 02kar Moderator 23 Jun 2022


by gerryvb 23 Jun 2022

did answer your pm with a screen shot. when I get it it's always in the freebies section, .....hugs for you

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rescuer by rescuer 23 Jun 2022

Thank you. I got your reply. We're looking for more info. I get the error other places. Miss Veronika would like to fix it.

by graceandham 22 Jun 2022

Not in a long time, but maybe 2-3 years ago, and later found out updates in Cute were going on.