by arisann 07 Jun 2022

Hi i was wondering does anyone remember a digitizer name of Sew Sew Princess designs? She use to have a beautiful con flower design that I did now buy but now I need one and hers was so beautiful. If you know then thank you for your help. LvHugs Aris


by rescuer Moderator 08 Jun 2022

You asked this a little over a year ago. Did you find the answer then? I've added a link to your previous post.

The only Sew Sew Princess I found does not do embroidery.

rescuer by rescuer 08 Jun 2022

There was a user (no longer searchable) at a Embroidery "Mall" but again the designer shows not found. That Mall, as well as other malls are not allowed here due to lax control over illegal designs.

arisann by arisann 11 Jul 2022

Thank you!

by pennifold 07 Jun 2022

Sorry Aris, I don't know of this company. Good luck, I hope someone else knows of it. Did you mean a Cornflower? Love Chris

P.S. Maybe look up Cornflower images for machine embroidery designs on the Internet.

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arisann by arisann 11 Jul 2022

Thank you!