by pennyhal2 22 May 2022

Honestly, I must be the most idiotic person on Earth at times. I bougt a $650 sewing machine on EBay. It arrived and it doesn't work. I've been in contact with the seller to no avail...apparently sellers don't have to take back something that has been sold. I think I need some wine.


by AuntAnnie 26 May 2022

Don't allow too much time to pass before making a claim while seller "solves the problem." Time passed can be important to your claim. This happened to me once but, thankfully, it was a very small purchase. It's much easier to withdraw your claim or to mark it as "settled" than to make a claim after a month or more.

by airyfairy 26 May 2022

I hope you are managing to sort this out Penny. I must say that I am very wary of purchasing on the internet

by pennyhal2 25 May 2022

I've been in contact with the seller. He turns out to be very quick and responsive to my messages, and helpfu,l and wants to solve the problem. Still working on the problem.

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jrob by jrob 25 May 2022

I'm glad that he is being responsive. If you purchased with a credit card, don't forget you have recourse through them.

by bemara 24 May 2022

Therefore, when buying privately, you should test the things on the spot or better leave it alone. Therefore, when buying privately, you should test the things on the spot or better leave it alone. Companies must always give warranty, from one to three years. I hope you have enough wine in the house, maybe a small keg? hugs Maria

by sebsews 24 May 2022

Sorry about this bad experience. I have not made an Ebay purchase in a long time. I hope you get it worked out. Enjoy the wine!

by gerryvb 23 May 2022

sorry to read this happened to you, hope you canget your money back, or get the machine working....Hugs )))

by 02kar Moderator 23 May 2022

I don't think you are idiotic at all, maybe a bit too trusting, but then so am I. I do hope you manage to get some satisfaction. And I hope your glass of wine helped.

by loriziegler 22 May 2022

Turn that seller in and file a complaint against them! People can be so ignorant it has happened to me a couple of times! Definitely contact paypal right away! I am sorry that it happened to you especially for that amount of money! The one guy actually cloned the website I was on! I was on my hair shops website and put the 5 bottles of hair products in my cart than paid for them at checkout! After 2 weeks of receiving NOTHING I called the hair place and they said they were out of that product so it was not them! I called paypal and reported it and they said it happens all the time! I looked at the products a day before I ordered them and in that little amount of time the website was cloned and my money was gone!

by hightechgrammy 22 May 2022

If you paid by Paypal you can put in a claim. They have been excellent handling problems like this, but on much less expensive merchandise.
I hope you can get a refund. You probably paid a lot for shipping. I bought a machine on line too, and it had problems, but even with fixing it I came out ahead.

by dailylaundry 22 May 2022

I hope it is a simple fix!! Good luck, hugs, Laura

by asterixsew Moderator 22 May 2022

Sorry to hear this. From having had a few problems with eBay over the years all have been resolved through them and or PayPal. Good Luck and next time see what pre loved machines dealers have near you.

by rescuer Moderator 22 May 2022

PayPal and some credit cards have things you can do in your situation. I hope you are able to work something out.