by sewmadau 25 Mar 2022

I have a cold, so off to the chemist I went for cold and flu tablets, what a kerfuffle. They asked so many in my opinion stupid questions. I walked out with a packet of Hay Fever tablets which I have chucked in the bin what a waste of time and money, and I still have a cold. I realise that they have to be careful because of Covid but........ I don't have the virus just an every day good old fashion cold, runny nose and nothing else. Yep I am grumpy and not impressed all the usual staff at my chemist have just either left or moved on, this lot are not that helpful not happy Jan. LOL

Do you know I think I am feeling heaps better, nothing like a good old moan and groan. Thanks for listening.


by AuntAnnie 26 Mar 2022

It's easier to purchase a weapon and ammunition than it is to purchase effective cold tablets. I know how you feel sewmadau. Hot, steaming tea with a spoonful of honey might help (keep it hot!).

by toogie 26 Mar 2022

The pollen is so bad here my brown car is yellow. I have been having sinus drainage and a night cough for a week now. I told my husband my arm won’t ever heal with me coughing so much. I find that Vicks vapo cool cough drops stop the cough better than anything else I’ve tried but gosh they taste horrible. I feel for you as it’s so much over the counter you don’t know what to get or take. Hopefully we both get well soon.

by 02kar Moderator 26 Mar 2022

Feel free to moan and groan anytime. We all understand your frustration. I'm so fortunate to have a handsome hubby who was once a paramedic and can help with over the counter meds when I am feeling under the weather. I hope you are feeling better and are soon healthy again. I like robertahilde's suggestion of chicken soup and rest and hope you take advantage of her advice. A gentle hug to you.

by bemara 26 Mar 2022

I know what you're talking about, in January I had a thick cold and thought of course first ancovid ... was fortunately not and now .... the second wave hay fever ash and hazel annoy me just, with eye itching and sneezing attacks I know that it is hay fever - just everything annoying, fortunately help there tablets. This year everything is earlier and warmer, unfortunately the rain is missing and the forest fire risk is high. Best - you stay or become healthy, best regards, Maria

by awesome1 26 Mar 2022

My father in law used to say, "you can go to doctor and be well in 14 days, or you can treat yourself and be well in 2 weeks!

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airyfairy by airyfairy 30 Mar 2022

We used to say the same thing. A cold lasts 14 days with medication and 2 weeks without.

by robertahilde 26 Mar 2022

Once I read a sign on my doctor's office that said " There is nothing we can do for a cold. There is nothing we can do for a very bad cold. There is nothing we can do for a very very very bad cold". My suggestion : chicken sup and a lot of rest. Get well soon...Hugs Roberta