by 02kar Moderator 19 Mar 2022

My handsome hubby allowed me to buy a new single needle embroidery machine in November. It came with a Disney Scan n Cut machine. I attended a class on using it last Wednesday and realized I need to get vinyl and some tools to use with it. Can any of you give me some ideas and where best to buy the vinyl and tools I need that didn't come with it? I'm also confused on the designs I can get on the internet and where to find them. And yes, I am overwhelmed. I've been told that not all vinyl is created equal. Some is pretty much junk and other vinyl is good quality. This is a steep learning curve for me. Thanks for any help you can give me.


by peafarm 31 Aug 2022

I got a lot of my permanent stick on from ThreadArt online and also their Heat Transfer vinyl in solids and glitter buying it by the yd. instead of by the cut piece. Over $50 is free shipping and sometimes a 10% code off after all is totaled including shipping where then they take off the 10% if you reach over $50. I get threads there also and just got a fabulous deal on Hex cut lead crystals which were out of my price range and had to stick with the cheaper heat want crystals. We also have a couple local shops that opened that sale vinyl so yes, ck. your yellowpages in your area or phone book to see if there is any other place around you. Dollar Trees sell permanent stick on which is thinner than most of that kind but good and cheap to practice on plus what I've used is still stuck on things so I consider it 'good enough'. Makers Gonna Learn has some good tips and trials.

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02kar by 02kar 31 Aug 2022

Thanks for the advice. I can use lots of advice

by sebsews 21 Mar 2022

Send dailylaundry a PM, she has used vinyl many times. She may have information.

02kar by 02kar 22 Mar 2022

I know she has used vinyl with embroidery projects and you are right. It is worth a PM to her to see if she has any ideas.

theduchess by theduchess 30 Mar 2022

Yellow pages should have auto upholstery or wholesalers listed. You can get it a lot cheaper than a fabric type store. Hope this helps.

by cfidl 20 Mar 2022

Facebook is loaded with groups with associated web sites. I will link a couple. I use scrap and clearance, and Christie and I did a fun exchange. I can't link below so I will just tell you,

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02kar by 02kar 21 Mar 2022

Thank you so much for the links. I will check them out.

by airyfairy 20 Mar 2022

Sorry Karen, I have absolutely no idea. All sounds extremely complicated. I wish you much luck.

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02kar by 02kar 20 Mar 2022

Thanks for the luck. Once I actually saw someone use the machine, it made a lot of sense to me. I just don't know where to get a good selection of good vinyl.

by sebsews 20 Mar 2022

Go to you tube and search for scan n cut machine. Many videos showing how to use the scan n cut. I don't have one but have often considered getting one. I think Brother Luminaire is one of the top machines on the market. I wish I could be of more help. Hang in there my friend and take it one day at a time. Warm hugs, Suzanna.

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02kar by 02kar 20 Mar 2022

I've been watching videos on Youtube and am getting a good idea of how to do this. My problem is I have no idea where to get a good selection of colors of vinyl. I got some at the dealer, but she doesn't have much of a selection of colors. Thanks for the good news on the Luminaire. I've been a Babylock girl for 20 years so hard to switch.

by asterixsew Moderator 19 Mar 2022

Karen I can be of no help at all being in the UK and not something I own BUT good luck and have fun as you extend your skills. What was the new embroidery machine that you bought?

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02kar by 02kar 19 Mar 2022

I was going to buy a Babylock Solaris 2 but was convinced to get the Brother Luminaire. The Scan N Cut came with the machine. I'm still struggling with low energy so I'm going way too slow for my liking.

by gerryvb 19 Mar 2022

for idea's go to a ScanNcut facebook , or to CanvasWorkspace from Brother. I can give you some links but these are in Dutch. I'm sure there are American sites of these too.
It's a fine machine, I have one too not the Disney edition but the CM840....

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02kar by 02kar 19 Mar 2022

I haven't gone to Scan N Cut FB so thanks for the idea. I have signed up for CanvasWorkspace but am overwhelmed and no clue how to do much of anything on the site..