by jenne 24 Jan 2022

A sweater this knit was bought at the same time as the other knits, I gave a dollar or maybe two since I have more than one piece. do you think it has to many pearls on it? they were given to me by my sister.


by peafarm 25 Jan 2022

Oh no, no,no---those pearls are magnificent. Beautiful.

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jenne by jenne 25 Jan 2022

Thank you sew much.

by pennifold 25 Jan 2022

It's great Jenne, but I'm with Angie, I'd not have pearls on the back, too uncomfortable. You are very clever with all your sewing, love Chris

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jenne by jenne 25 Jan 2022

These are very small, so I don't believe the will punch.

by killiecrankie 25 Jan 2022

The only other thing I can say besides the pearls hurting your back when sitting down is,don't put it in the washing machine because some of the pearls will be skinned ,I speak form experience.Putting it in the dryer could do the same thing to your lovely jacket.
Most of the time a all our washing is line dried so I really don't what a dryer could do to the pearls.Better to be safe than sorry.

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jenne by jenne 25 Jan 2022

Thanks, I've not got that far yes ,but good advice. will just hand to dry.

by vkggal 24 Jan 2022

Could never be too many for me...….when in doubt, I just add one more...…….lol! Your creation is beautiful...…….love the colors!

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jenne by jenne 25 Jan 2022

Me 2, thanks, easy to take a chance on a piece of fabric if cost is such a small amount.

by 02kar Moderator 24 Jan 2022

I think Angie has a good point about the pearls in the back, although I think they look beautiful. And no, I don't want you to be uncomfortable in church either. You are so creative! Hope we get to see the shower curtain soon.

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jenne by jenne 24 Jan 2022

Thanks, will be working on for a while since it hand stitching.

by crafter2243 Moderator 24 Jan 2022

You are an amazing seamstress. I love the pearls on the front part. Not sure if I would have added them on the back and shoulder. That is my take on it but I love what you have done.

jenne by jenne 24 Jan 2022

You maybe right I may notice them when I set down and lean back on them, and go "ouch" as they poke me in the back, cant you just hear me right in the middle of church service, hehe.

crafter2243 by crafter2243 24 Jan 2022

That made me laugh. If they pinch you you will think of me. 😊

by asterixsew Moderator 24 Jan 2022

jenne you are very good at creating something from something else. No there are not too many pearls on this great make. I now look forwards to seeing your next recreation or sewing session

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jenne by jenne 24 Jan 2022

Thank you you ladies are so kind, Some friends and I are forming a quilt club Our first meeting is tomorrow I think there are about five of us maybe more later, I am working on a new shower curtain, with some sashiko stitching and embroidery,

by graceandham 24 Jan 2022

I love the pearls. Another big Jenne hit!

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jenne by jenne 24 Jan 2022

oh sweet, thanks you.