by eyeztodiefor10 12 Nov 2021

Moved from "projects" My husband has been asking for me to make a quilt for our own bed. I've made a lot of quilts for family members and he really wanted one for us. I finally finished it! I do free motion quilting on my regular sewing machine so there are many mistakes. I wish I could afford to have them professionally done but it costs so much. Maybe someday. The backing is a plain lavender color. He is quite happy now!


by markus 17 Nov 2021


by jrob Moderator 16 Nov 2021

So pretty and bright! I love your color choices and I agree with everyone else, we are our worst critics. After quilts are washed their flaws seem to disappear, like magic make-up. :)
I know your husband loves it because it was made with your loving hands.

by sewpam 16 Nov 2021

Very Striking!! The contrast of colors are beautiful. Your free motion quilting is perfect, no need to send it to a professional. If there are mistakes, you are the only one that knows.

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eyeztodiefor10 by eyeztodiefor10 16 Nov 2021

That is what hubby always says! He says I'm the only one who sees the errors. I am so lucky to have him. He is my biggest fan. Thank you for your kind comments.

by crafter2243 Moderator 12 Nov 2021

Love it. The effect of the colorful stripes is amazing. Makes me smile. You did such a great job no wonder your husband is happy. I think he was saying that it was time that you make a quilt to keep.

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eyeztodiefor10 by eyeztodiefor10 16 Nov 2021

He's seen so many quilts that I have made for family members and friends and he kept saying he wants one of MY quilts for OUR bed! Actually, I am quite pleased with how it turned out. I just love using bright colors when making a quilt. It came out better than I expected it to. Thank you for your kind comments.

by toogie 12 Nov 2021

He should be happy, you’ve made a nice quilt! It seems to line up perfectly. It’s not easy to quilt designs on a bed size quilt without having a long arm to move instead of moving the bulky quilt. I understand your feeling about the cost too. That’s why when I found a used long arm in a cabinet I bought it. It gave me lots more throat space. I only make for family too but what it would have cost me to send out would have been more than I spent on my machine. I love to meander or stipple and my loved ones seem pleased so that’s all that matters. I’m sure your husband loves what you’ve done, too.

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eyeztodiefor10 by eyeztodiefor10 16 Nov 2021

Toogie, he is quite happy. He's been asking for one for a few years now and I just never saw a pattern I wanted to sleep under. It is awesome you found a long arm machine! I've never seen one up close and most people who quilt for others charge by the inch. The cost of fabric, batting, and backing is high enough, and when you add on the cost to have it professionally quilted and postage both ways, it makes the quilt extremely expensive. I learned to free motion quilt through trial and error. There are still a ton of errors but Maurice always tells me that nobody ever notices them. He says I do because I know where they are. One reason I prefer to make quilts for children, animals, and charities is that they never complain and always appreciate them. Thank you for your kind words. They are appreciated.

by graceandham 12 Nov 2021

That's a really jazzy quilt, reminds me of the center of the Parcheesi game board.

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eyeztodiefor10 by eyeztodiefor10 16 Nov 2021

I haven't played Parcheesi in so many years I've forgotten what the board looks like! Is it like the board for Chinese Checkers?? Thank you for commenting. I love using bright colors when creating.