by redhotrn65 22 Sep 2021

anyone having trouble downloading the new strawberry patch set freebie from Julias? Ive tried clicking on the pic and adding to the cart. Neither one works. The cart says I have to have a minimum of 1.13 to use the cart.


by shirley124 23 Sep 2021

Same here yesterday. I was able to just click on the picture today and download it. Hugs

by babash 23 Sep 2021

I got a new Email today and the design does a straight download don't even have to log in.
Yesterday it was telling me I had to spend some money.
So I am saying the glitch is fixed I think.

by sebsews 23 Sep 2021

I got it! I clicked on check out with pay pal, then completed my address and got download. It did not continue to pay pal.

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asterixsew by asterixsew 23 Sep 2021

Thanks for your update

by asterixsew Moderator 23 Sep 2021

Please can you let us know how you get the designs your after? Thanks

by sebsews 23 Sep 2021

Same thing here. Signed in, put in cart, but could not check out or download.

by gerryvb 23 Sep 2021

I had no trouble, logged in and put into card. Got a download link by mail and no problem to perhaps try again today ....

by asterixsew Moderator 22 Sep 2021

by dragonflyer 31m ago0
Not sure what is going on... but are you logged in?

As there was more than one of the question I have copied the answer here. Hope you can sort out the problem

by graceandham 22 Sep 2021

I signed in, put strawberry design in my cart and checked out just fine. Try again?

by loriziegler 22 Sep 2021

I had the same thing happen! It said due to processing orders costs a minimum of 1.13 has to be spent to checkout! I am assuming no more free designs now??