by lulu07 23 Jul 2021

Hello Ladies, I pray you are all doing well. I have been wondering if there will be any special price renewal dates in the near future. Thank you for your help.


by graceandham 23 Jul 2021

Shirley and Lulu, what asterixsew said is correct. I would add that even at full price, the memberships are a fabulous bargain. For me, next time I renew, I will do one membership at a time, as there is so much downloading! And then so much stitching. Happy sewing. There are so many pages of designs, years of her excellent digitizing.

by shirley124 23 Jul 2021

I am waiting for the same. Hugs

by asterixsew Moderator 23 Jul 2021

Hi and sorry but that is a question that no one knows the answer to apart from Miss V. I suggest that you keep watching Cute