by mops Moderator 31 Mar 2021

I posted the result of 4 months Corona activities in July, here is the total of 12 months. I can't send it to my usual charity due to their policy. Well, it will keep till better times.

And I started the next one :)


by peafarm 09 Apr 2021

Oh how I love seeing your beauties also. You ladies that knit and quilt a lot then give to charities have a lot of love in your heart to do this much work in something and away it goes. I know it is a joy to give and hope the person receiving knows all the love that goes in to making them.

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mops by mops 11 Apr 2021

Thank you. I love the feel of the yarn and of fabrics and enjoy seeing the results. That's a joy on its own. And I hope someone unknown to me would have enjoy receiving and wearing it.

by jrob Moderator 02 Apr 2021

Your work is enviable. I wish I could come over and have you teach me. :)

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mops by mops 11 Apr 2021

You're welcome!!

by lilylady 02 Apr 2021

Everything is awesome! Beautiful work.

by toogie 02 Apr 2021

I always love to see what you have made. Good to see you are keeping busy these days and like you say they will keep for better times. Love them all!

by babash 31 Mar 2021

All look wonderful I especially love the multi coloured scarf.

by graceandham 31 Mar 2021

Can't believe you still have yarn stash left! Wow! That's a lot of knit and purl.

by shirley124 31 Mar 2021

Well done. These will keep some little children warm. Hugs

by dailylaundry 31 Mar 2021

Your knitting is amazing! Kudos to you for supporting your charity even if you can't donate at the moment. This has been a crazy year all over the world. Please continue to stay safe! Hugs!!

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mops by mops 31 Mar 2021

Thank you. Stay safe too!

by 02kar Moderator 31 Mar 2021

Oh my! It looks like they are all different patterns and the little booties are adorable. Kudos to you for all of your hard work during these lockdowns.

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mops by mops 31 Mar 2021

Thanks. Variations on a few standard patterns (set in sleeves or raglan) in different sizes, some coloured stripes to use remnants and before you know it you have quite a collection :)

by crafter2243 Moderator 31 Mar 2021

Great work. Like you said. It will keep and eventually will find a appreciative owner. There is always need in the world. It serves2 purposes. You feel productive and some one else gets the result. Your knitting is awesome.

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mops by mops 31 Mar 2021

Thank you. I love to see your knitting too!

by asterixsew Moderator 31 Mar 2021

Gosh you have been busy but its better to be busy than do nothing. I have a bag of clothes not worn any more for a charity shop and other bits and bobs but as with the current situation the shops are shut and I go on leaving bags in my front room waiting for the better times. Love your orange knitting. Keep enjoying yourself and keeping occupied and hopeful at some point soon you will be able to pass your excellent knitting on for others to wear and enjoy

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mops by mops 31 Mar 2021

I have bags of clothing for teens waiting as well - all donated by my son (and his friends) whose children like buying new....
I must say I feel very lazy at times although my hands seem to have been rather busy. I realise it has a lot to do with too few social contacts.

by jenne 31 Mar 2021

Wow! you have been busy, this what I have done as well keep busily, Love all your work. I wish I could knit better I can just do the knit and pearl stitch.

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mops by mops 31 Mar 2021

Apart from some cables it is all knit and pearl.