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by sebsews ( edited 28 Mar 2021 ) 26 Mar 2021

I have been quiet for several weeks. Sister Sandy will have lumpectomy April 8. Her breast cancer has been very difficult for her to handle, especially mentally. On March 30 I will have a heart catherization. My CT Scan of chest showed severe coronary disease. I have been having some shortness of breath and some arm numbness for a month. I know my friends at Cute will pray for me and my sister. Hugs and flowers to all, Suzanna


by dailylaundry 01 Apr 2021

Such a blessing that your heart catherization went well, You have been through so much. Prayers for your doctor's visit in April - let us know how things went! Lots of hugs! Laura

by pennifold 01 Apr 2021

So happy to read that your heart Catheterization went so well. Now prayers will continue for you and your sister Sandy. Love Chris

by tuross 01 Apr 2021

My heart goes out to you and your sister. I will pray for good outcomes for you both and thank our Lord that your worries and fears can be given to him so you may have peace at this difficult time.

by graceandham 01 Apr 2021

Great news for you. Where else do they look to solve your symptoms? If you stitch a great deal, I'd be thinking about carpal tunnel. And my old buddy asthma and allergies, including from cloth dyes, on the breathing. No medical degree, just a mom!

by sebsews 01 Apr 2021

UPDATE! My heart cath turned out great! No blockage! I will follow up with the doctor mid April. Thank you to all the cuties who prayed and kept me in their thoughts! Hugs and flowers to all, Suzanna

gerryvb by gerryvb 01 Apr 2021

that's wonderful news. Listen to your doctor and to your body. Hugs and prayers )))

02kar by 02kar 01 Apr 2021

Praise God for great news on your heart. And how is your sister doing? Hugs back at ya.

crafter2243 by crafter2243 01 Apr 2021

Thank you for the update. I am always ready for good news. Thank you for providing it. 😊

pennifold by pennifold 01 Apr 2021

What a blessing and especially so as it is Easter and new life has begun. Hoping your sister will be ok too. Love and prayers ongoing. Love Chris

toogie by toogie 02 Apr 2021

I second (or I may be 4th or 5th) everything!

by 02kar Moderator 27 Mar 2021

You are oh so right that we will be praying for you and for your sister too. And we will keep you wrapped in cyber hugs too. Please keep us updated on both of you and your progress.

by sdrise 27 Mar 2021

Prayers are coming to you both !! I have been where your sister is and now I am fine. It was difficult to go through all the treatments but just look at them one at a time. The best to both of you!

by crafter2243 Moderator 26 Mar 2021

Times like these can be unsettling to say the least. Try not to stress since it is not good for your health. I know that is easier said that done. Maybe you will find comfort knowing a lot of Cuties will be pray8ing for you both. I pray for peace of mind, successful operations and fast recovery.
Hugs Angie

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graceandham by graceandham 26 Mar 2021

Praying for you both. In case no one has told you, hearts are SO fixable.

by shirley124 26 Mar 2021

Sending Hugs and Prayers for you both.

by dragonflyer 26 Mar 2021

Sending best wishes to both of you...hopefully both of your procedures will go well and you will both have speedy recoveries.

by asterixsew Moderator 26 Mar 2021

Suzanna what a time you and your sister are having, my thoughts to both of you for positive outcomes