by jenne 24 Mar 2021

A jacket with a bit of embroidery, made on my new sewing machine. I have trouble with the button holes, but it was not the machine, return arm for the button holes is very easy moved, so I must make use it is completely down before each button hole. just a quirk on this machine, most machines have them, just getting use to what you machine does, so many bells and whistles.


by toogie 02 Apr 2021

Lovely work!

by stock 01 Apr 2021

its lovely, can you do the buttonholes on the embroidery machine, I have seen quite a lot of patterns around..wendy

by lidiad 27 Mar 2021

That's a lovely and elegant jacket, Jenne. I love it!
Hugs, Lidia

by mariagiannina 27 Mar 2021

Beautiful jacket!

by materialgirl 25 Mar 2021

Nice jacket. Like the colors. Did a really nice job.

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jenne by jenne 25 Mar 2021


by peafarm 25 Mar 2021

It is a beauty alrighty. I love how it all comes together. I am only just pulling out old unfinished projects--I have a cut out jacket with lining also but for now a dress but who knows when--it is laying out on my table with notes of what I need to change or add to the pattern etc.

by pennifold 24 Mar 2021

Hi Jenne, I love all the trimming on this jacket and your embroidery on the right shoulder. Your work is always outstanding, love Chris

jenne by jenne 25 Mar 2021

Chris there is embroidery in the kick pleat in the back, it open up as you move .

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 25 Mar 2021

Ah! I didn't see that in the kick pleat until you posted!

by noah 24 Mar 2021

Wow Jeannie it is lovely wish i was this small to fit this beauty hugsxx

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jenne by jenne 25 Mar 2021

Thanks it did turn out nice , the bias is ticking so a little heavy so where it folds in the back I pressed and put cloths pens on to help set the fold.

by worthy 24 Mar 2021

Beautiful jacket and your attention to detail is wonderful. Hope others noticed how you even matched the buttons. Beautiful beautiful and congratulations on a new sewing machine.

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jenne by jenne 25 Mar 2021

Yes I do enjoy sewing on it. it is very light weight but sew wonderful.

by pennyhal2 24 Mar 2021

You just can't buy something so wonderful in a store! I love the soft design you did on the shoulder and the binding added a lot of interest. A job well done!

jenne by jenne 24 Mar 2021

I love making stuff,

noah by noah 24 Mar 2021

it sure shows you love it

by brendalea 24 Mar 2021

Beautiful job on the jacket. Great for spring and summer.
Happy Stitching on your new machine :-)

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jenne by jenne 24 Mar 2021

Yes, I am enjoying sewing on it. and this is a jacket I had cut out sometime ago.

by sewpam 24 Mar 2021

Beautiful and very stylish!! Your choices of of color, embroidery, trim are perfect!!

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jenne by jenne 24 Mar 2021

You can't go wrong with tone on tone embroidery. this was a varigated thread.

by sonjapotgieter 24 Mar 2021

Stunning Jacket!!Well done

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jenne by jenne 24 Mar 2021

thank you so much for you kind words.

by graceandham 24 Mar 2021

Oh my! Love that deep back vent. Very perfect jacket.

jenne by jenne 24 Mar 2021

Thanks, has the same design on the inside the pleat as on the front.

Mirabelle67 by Mirabelle67 11 Apr 2021

J'adore ! Je trouve cette veste très classe......Bravo