by noah 07 Mar 2021

Hay all you cuties that used to love me reporting about MY Canada geese.The first ones have arrived @ Victoria which is days from me BUT Spring is coming:):)So happy to see/hear this last night on the news.It was really cold here last night like -28c It is up to -7 right now.My Geese better stay were they are for another month .Hugs Carolyn


by graceandham 08 Mar 2021

If they come on in now, you'll be needing some recipes for goose. As I said a few weeks ago, only one group passed through at "my" pond, but I think I heard my huge pink bird landing at the edge at dark the other night. She is pink with grey, don't know what she is, but has nested here about 8 of last 10 years in the little hidden inlet. Got some bird feed ready in case they push in?

by toogie 08 Mar 2021

I don't even want to think about how cold I would be. It was warm here today and I still had a finger white on the end! Love to see your geese, any wildlife really. It will warm up soon enough and then we can complain about the heat-lol

by hightechgrammy 08 Mar 2021

Hi Carolyn, I am with you, dear friend - I'm a cold weather girl! Give me twenty below over 90 degrees any day - well at least in the winter! Can't get enough of the snow falling in huge flakes all around, with the air so quiet you can hear the snowflakes hit the ground. The air is so incredibly crisp and when it is cold the snow squeaks under your boots. We have snow on the ground from November clear through till May. I'm not so sure my sweet husband Willie loves it as much as I do! HE has worn that same coat and hat for snowplowing for about 35 years!

hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 08 Mar 2021

I get really really excited when the snow melts and we see Robins!

noah by noah 08 Mar 2021

Looks just like here Except I do the snow as John is blind I ude a shovel and a big 4 wheeler bike and i also do the neighbour ladys lol

toogie by toogie 08 Mar 2021

I think Willie looks great in his get up! Goes to show they don't make clothing to last that good problem would be, mine wouldn't still fit me from 35 years ago!!!-lol

hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 09 Mar 2021

This would be okay if it were just for snow removal - but he wants to wear it to the grocery store. He has learned though he has to dress nicer to be seen with me! He never complains about all that snow. I wouldn't b4 able to wear mine either, Toogie

by pennifold 07 Mar 2021

Hi Carolyn, I'm with Barbara (babash). It's been a long summer but very wet and humid. It has been the coldest summer on record apparently, but I didn't think so, especially as the humidity is so high. Today it's 30C and very warm, yuck!
I love Autumn, Winter and Spring, I can forgo the summer anytime.
Can't wait to see some pictures of your gorgeous geese arriving. Love Chris

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noah by noah 08 Mar 2021

thanks my ole friend xx

by asterixsew Moderator 07 Mar 2021

Carolyn I cannot begin to think about the temperatures that you have. I now look forwards to seeing photos of the geese when they arrive. Take care

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noah by noah 08 Mar 2021

Thanks it will be a month or more yet but i will tell you :):)Hugs xx

by babash 07 Mar 2021

Oh tell the Geese to fly faster as it means if your weather warms up ours will certainly cool down.
I am just so over Summer this year looking forward to some chilly nights.

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noah by noah 07 Mar 2021

Well come visit me i got 3 spare bedrooms ok?