by crazypatchmama 4d ago

Another set of potholder and a string pieced zipbag. Hope you are not yet bored! Have a nice week and stay safe.


by sharonleekesner 14h ago

I love scappy, I love patchwork and I love seeing everything you make, please keep posting the lovely creations.

by brendalea 1d ago

Very nice job on them. Happy Stitching :-)

by toogie 3d ago

Very well done! Love seeing anything made so keep showing your unique creations with ‘scraps’.

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crazypatchmama by crazypatchmama 3d ago

Thank you, Toogie, you are so creative, you are such an inspiration.

by 02kar Moderator 4d ago

I love seeing what can be done with scraps and you amaze me with your pretty, bright and cheerful creations. Keep showing us the potholders and everything else you make.

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crazypatchmama by crazypatchmama 3d ago

Thank you so much for your encouragement. You are so kind.

by asterixsew Moderator 4d ago

Well I am not bored seeing your work. its lovely, each piece is unique and provides inspiration for using up the many small bits and pieces of fabric that we all end up with. I look forwards to seeing what you create next

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crazypatchmama by crazypatchmama 4d ago

Thank you so much, I am actually in the process of making a crumb quilt, 15 cm squares, 4 squares in one block, I need 140 squares and already have 105 squares. And guess what, it does not seem like my scraps are reduced!