by jenne 5d ago

Looking at a new sewing machine, mind is about 30yr old (it has been a work horse) and yesterday when making some button holes , it just would not sew them out kept hanging up, I had to cut out one three different time a pain to that, so will get a new one from my dealer (janome) if the weather permits, my I ask what kind of sewing machine do you all have? what do you like best? I do some quilts, but love garments sewing.


by pennifold 3d ago

Hi Jenne, well, I'm a Husqvarna machine lover for over 40 years. I wish you luck with your selection, there are so many machines to see nowadays. My first recommendation is to buy one that you get great service mechanics from, and somewhere it's not too far away from your home. Love Chris

by babash 3d ago

Took a look at the 5300QDC machine and online it looks very good.

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jenne by jenne 3d ago

My dealer has it on sale, for somewhat less than normal price. planning on a new sewing machine table and maybe a cabinet, all of mine are old and worn out. redid my sewing area it seem like more room the way I have my machine tables set up.

by jenne 3d ago

Update, Looking at the Janome5300QDc I Have week to make sure this is what I want.

by sdrise 4d ago

I love all my baby lock machines. They are user friendly and work horses. Check it out at the dealer. I think you will find it easy to use.. Wish you the best picking out a new machine.

by graceandham 5d ago

My Brother Project Runway from about 6 years ago stitches through 6 layers of regular denim like BUTTER. I think they have continued to update and upgrade that model. The only thing that was hard for me to learn was the spin dial to select stitches. Everything else was intuitive and I think it was about $200. Heavy duty casing, unlike many now.

by babash 5d ago

I have a Janome DC2050 a great little machine. Does lovely button holes automatically. Took a couple of practice runs as the button holes seem to go backwards away from you as you do them, The only thing I don't like about it is you can not adjust the foot pressure tension. Apart from that a good low budget machine.

by asterixsew Moderator 5d ago

Well Jenne I have a Bernina minimatic that I have had for about 45 years. I recently had it serviced as I have always cared for it myself. It only created when I had sewn lots of scrubs earlier last year. I have seriously thought about buying another one as a replacement. My machine now sells for more that I bought it for. Look forwards to seeing what you get and others replies

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killiecrankie by killiecrankie 5d ago

I bought a top of the range Bernina sewing machine in 1973
& sold it through the dealer about 25 yrs later for the same amount of money that it cost when I bought it .The dealer serviced it replacing a couple of parts & gave the new owner 3 months warranty.

by 02kar Moderator 5d ago

Ah, will you get a long list of favorite machines! I have a Babylock Elissimo, but it is now 11 years old and at least 2 models have come out since. I like Babylocks because I find they are also workhorses and user friendly with lots of great features.

jenne by jenne 5d ago

I do have a Babylock Ellageo, but lost the foot petal so I only embroidery on that machine ,I have never use it for garment sewing. I use my Janome 500e for embroidery.

deannabriese by deannabriese 5d ago

I traded my 20 year old Viking Diamond in on a Babylock Solaris which I love. It sews silently with easy stitching. Garments, quilting and embroidery. I have only one complaint - the limited number of decorative stitches. I had so many on the Viking. They , as I recall, Viking did an update that installed additional stitches to the factory installed ones. I am hoping to see if that is possible. It is an expensive machine but I feel it is worth it if you do a lot of varied sewing.

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 4d ago

Getting a new foot pedal for your Elliageo should be easy...if you did that, you wouldn't need a new machine...