by jenne 17d ago

I made some new dining room curtains with gingham hand cross stitched along the bottom edge.


by noah 11d ago

Love them jeannie hugsxx Noah

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jenne by jenne 11d ago

Thanks, I enjoyed making these.

by hightechgrammy 12d ago

These are beautiful! My sister's favorite fabric was red gingham, and we always add gingham to nearly every project to remember her. I LOVE your hand embroidery using the checks for your grids. I use these designs for my wallpaper on my cell phone...

jenne by jenne 12d ago

Nothing beats gingham, this fabric has been around a long time, but still good to decorate with.

toogie by toogie 12d ago

I had green gingham curtains I made a lot time ago. They were in the kitchen and I put ruffles too. If I can find an old picture I’ll show you both. Like I said I love gingham!

by pennifold 17d ago

I was so surprised to see these as everytime I see your name I think
"Ooh! I wonder what gorgeous type of jacket will Jenne be making?" These curtains are so beautiful and I love the cross-stitched apples. You've done a great job. Love Chris

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jenne by jenne 17d ago

Thank you, some graft paper and chart it off, and you are good to go, very easy done on checked fabric.

by graceandham 17d ago

They are so special. Is that snow outside????

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jenne by jenne 17d ago

Thanks, No not snow , but I've been hoping for some.

by toogie 17d ago

I love anything gingham and the apples look great!

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jenne by jenne 17d ago

thanks, me 2. Have a bowel of Apples on the table but the picture angle you can see them.

by 02kar Moderator 17d ago

They make the room look so cheerful. I love the hand embroidery. It adds so much to the curtains.

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jenne by jenne 17d ago

Thanks, I enjoyed doing these.

by sebsews 17d ago

Very nice and very fitting for your decor!

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jenne by jenne 17d ago

Thanks, I like them, with the different reds they go with any shade of red I have .