by jenne 18d ago

When I first move south into the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains two of oud things I found was when it was going to have a chance off snow ( we don't get snow very often) was everyone ran to the store for milk and bread, another thing it would look like it was snowing, but just be blowing off the mountain with snow only on one side of the trees or signs along the road.


by hightechgrammy 12d ago

It seems so strange to me that people live where there is no snow. It is such a part of our lives from about the middle of November through till the middle of May! I always love it, but I'm not the one who does - Willie has a plow on his 50-year-old Toyota Landcruiser! and for the smaller spaces he uses the snowblower! This is our driveway. Also the second picture is our Florida grandkids playing in their first snow.

by 02kar Moderator 18d ago

Isn't it fun to learn new things when you live in different areas of the country! You made me think back to the different areas I have lived in and things I had learned. Such as when we lived in North Dakota, I quickly learned to hold onto my car door when opening it because the wind would catch it and no one wants to have their car door slam into the car we just parked next to.

jenne by jenne 17d ago

Something you would need to train yourself to do.

hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 12d ago

I love learning about the different places around the world from our Cutes. It helps me pay more attention to what all is going on in places different than our own.