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by mops Moderator ( edited 22 Dec 2020 ) 19 Dec 2020

Was a bit in a hurry to embroider two more towels for my acquaintance and do some sewing at the same ttime as I am running a bit behind schedule. The embroidery looked good so I proudly folded the towel to wrap it up. Hmmm ... I had stitched it on the back. So I ripped all seams (kudos for the inventor of the seamripper) and will iron them to the other side, and stitch them. How's that for time saving .... might just as well have done one after the other.

I finished hemming the one and embroidering the second- right way up this time. You have to lay them next to one order to see that the direction of the weave is different.See picture.


by dragonflyer 24 Dec 2020

Great save!

by noah 23 Dec 2020

Way to gooooooooooo

by jrob Moderator 21 Dec 2020

What a brilliant save!

by pennyhal2 21 Dec 2020

A great save!

by sebsews 20 Dec 2020

Great solution! I know the feeling of ripping out stitching. Thanks for the idea!

by toogie 20 Dec 2020

A lot more work just when you think you’re finished.
I hand sewed Ashley’s label to the side of her quilt instead on the bottom🙄

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mops by mops 20 Dec 2020

Oh dear. It never happens when you are not in a hurry. But when I am I really should make time and check twice. To mangle the old saying: Embroider in haste, repent at leisure. :)

by zoefzoef 20 Dec 2020

Great solution for covering up the error !

by 02kar Moderator 20 Dec 2020

I would never have thought to do redo the seams. Very clever indeed! I agree, kudos to the inventor of the seam ripper. I keep several on hand because I go through them so fast.

by pennifold 20 Dec 2020

Martine, what a brilliant outcome and no-one will be any the wiser. Love Chris

by dailylaundry 19 Dec 2020

Wow, what a smart cookie you are!! I too love my seam ripper! Hugs to you! Laura

by crafter2243 Moderator 19 Dec 2020

I smiled at this one because I have done that. They then become mine. For the future I will remember your ingenious solution should I make the same mistake again.

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mops by mops 20 Dec 2020

I kept one once, but this one had a family set of arms on it.

by asterixsew Moderator 19 Dec 2020

Sorry but I have laughed over thisbut then admire your ingenuity.

by gerryvb 19 Dec 2020

great solution !! it will not be noticed that you embroidered the wrong side when you changed the seams !!