by sewtired 24 Nov 2020

I'm late getting to the website tonight and I find that the pictures aren't showing up and I can't download the free design from Cute or Amazing. Am I the only one with this problem? I don't see any other mention of it. I really dislike missing a let


by joann13100 26 Nov 2020

Supposedly, there was an Amazon web services hosting outage yesterday, probably contributed to not being able to download. Lots of websites went down.

by sewtired 24 Nov 2020

Thanks for the replies. I guess it's true that misery loves company as I feel better knowing that it's not just me.

by momac 24 Nov 2020

I too can't download from here or Amazing, will try again later.

by asterixsew Moderator 24 Nov 2020

Maybe a update is going on but the site owner has been contacted but thanks for your information

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sewtired by sewtired 24 Nov 2020

Thank you too for the information. I didn't know if it was the website,, or my wonky computer or internet.

by csevera555 24 Nov 2020

Me four. I missed the letters the last time this happened.

by 1penny 24 Nov 2020

Me three

by deannabriese 24 Nov 2020

Me too