by gerryvb 3d ago

hello Cuties, 10 years ago I embroidered this embossed letter on a scarf. I need this design again, but I can not find it back in my files. Is there anyone who knows the name of this file and the name of the site.....? Thank you for looking, hugs Gerry


by dragonflyer 2d ago

Glad you found it Gerry... can you share the name of the font for the rest of us?

gerryvb by gerryvb 1d ago

it's oldpattern of Cute alphabets.

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 1d ago

Thanks, Gerry...I guess I misunderstood the name :)

by gerryvb 3d ago

ohhh finally found it myself, it's oldpattern of Cute alphabets.....

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rescuer by rescuer 2d ago

I am so glad you found it!

by graceandham 3d ago

I'm too young to know. I mean, too young and inexperienced at embroidery to go back 10 years!