by toogie 17 Nov 2020

Does someone know how to contact designs by sick for me? I tried to log in. It doesn’t recognize my email and/or password. SO, I tried I forgot password and it said I would get an email with password to log in. I Never received an email !😳🙄I did get the notice about the Thanksgiving designs all free earlier but Now it won’t let me sign in or recognize my email. So frustrating! Please help if you can. Thanks Toogie


by Lynn1029 18 Nov 2020 I just got on. To get the Thanksgiving designs, you need to click on designs categories, click on Thanksgiving - the designs available will open. Select and download all you want.

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toogie by toogie 19 Nov 2020

Yes, I did as I said below. However, I am also trying to login. I have an account there.

by toogie 18 Nov 2020

I still haven't got to log in but a Cutie phoned me with instructions how to find the other design sets and I downloaded all the Thanksgiving designs I wanted. I just would like to login to the chat part too and no success but I can live without it. Thanks to all of you for helping out.-Toogie

by babash 18 Nov 2020

I was still logged in and can download I just tried and it worked.
I have a lifetime membership bought years ago. I check there every so often but nothing new has been added for ages.
Maybe it is just locking out USA users as we don't celebrate Thanksgiving so would be less likely to download.
Just a thought.

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toogie by toogie 18 Nov 2020

I did get the designs but still cannot login-It doesn't matter but I did enjoy the Chat room for finding more designs elsewhere.

by Renga 18 Nov 2020

I also can not log in any more and have given up in the meantime. There are so many good companies that have nice designs and good support. No need to waste time with sick. Sorry, I can not help you, but have the same experience

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toogie by toogie 18 Nov 2020

Sad but true.

by dragonflyer 18 Nov 2020

Toogie, did you get this worked out yet?

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toogie by toogie 18 Nov 2020

No, I sent an email with the orders add you sent, but have not heard back.

by Hobbystickerin 18 Nov 2020

You know, you can download the thanksgiving designs without login?

LG Petra

SoniaBezzan1 by SoniaBezzan1 18 Nov 2020

To access and download do not need login. There is an access (click here) in the link of each designs set.

toogie by toogie 18 Nov 2020

Yes, I did get those but there are more Thanksgiving designs than these.

sewincat by sewincat 18 Nov 2020

That site is a mess right now... steering away from doing new designs completely. I PAID for a full year membership and I think only one little set of 4, has been offered. I wrote and they did not offer to extend my membership, or refund. Pretty much defunct. I am sorry you are suffering frustration. They should be forced to shut down , rather than scam folks.

toogie by toogie 18 Nov 2020

sewincat, I love your avatar, so cute!
I would really be frustrated if I paid and didn't get what was promised. I liked the sets I got by Zonia there.

by sewtired 17 Nov 2020

I agree with dragonflyer. He gave away too much and was losing money, so he downsized and I believe no one is working for him now and I don't think he is paying too much attention either. Can you try opening a new account?

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toogie by toogie 18 Nov 2020

I tried-no success.

by asterixsew Moderator 17 Nov 2020

Toogie the email hasnt gone into your junk folder?

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toogie by toogie 18 Nov 2020

Check it, not there.

by dragonflyer 17 Nov 2020

Hi Toogie... I have contacted them in the past by using

But not sure if this is still a viable way to contact them. You could also try Facebook...but no guarantee that will work either. I think I remember reading on Facebook that Rob no longer worked for Sick so don't think her e-mail address would help. Have you tried using the "Contact" on the website? Not sure that will get you anywhere either, but it can't hurt...Good Luck, the site has been in a death spiral for some time now....

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toogie by toogie 18 Nov 2020

Contact is a phone number for Rob who you say no longer works there.
Not on Facebook.
I have used the orders email add you provided and am waiting for a reply.