by basketkase 16d ago

So, went for my 1 wk check up today and the jury is still out on whether this surgery corrected my issue. The surgeon is confident it has, but there is so much swelling yet that we don't know how well the graft is working. I asked him what he grafted (I can feel it on both sides) and it is cadaver cartilage....I told him Oh no, now am I am one of the walking dead.......we laughed! I go back in 3 weeks and should see improvement, so it is a waiting game right now, ugh! I forgot to tell you, I couldn't get my wedding ring and band off the morning of surgery, so the nurse said they would just tape it up.....well, when they were getting me ready to go home, they gave Jim a bag with my rings in it.....they had to get it off as the doc was cauterizing me and my ring arced so now I have a burn on my finger and can't get my ring back on til that heals....gggrrr! I was afraid they had cut it off, but they just soaped and oiled it like crazy and got it off.......😜


by noah 11d ago

Praying 4u my friend:);)xx

by pennyhal2 13d ago

I can hear your frustration with this problem. I have a neighbor who had a cadaver cartilage used to fix his knee and it worked out very well for him. I'd ask your doctor how long the cartilage will last as it is human tissue. At some point in time, this will be all over and you'll be grateful that you had the surgery done. In the meantime, drink some wine! I may even have a glass with you!

by jrob Moderator 15d ago

Oh my. You’ve had quite an ordeal. So glad they got your rings off. Hoping and praying that you heal perfectly and quickly.
I liked your joke about the walking dead He he.

by cfidl 15d ago

Have you watched that show. I can not. I saw a couple early episodes. I am glad they got your rings off without cutting them. My set had to be cut off and still I have not had them repaired. I had to ask hubby about the arc. I am so glad you are healing up well.

by sharonleekesner 15d ago

Blessings and healing prayers for you. Always something "out of the blue", as my mom used to say. Glad you are doing well and the ring was saved. Let these 3 weeks pass in pleasantness instead of worry and stress. You are on a good path.

by 02kar Moderator 15d ago

I'll take this as good news. Bummer on the rings and burnt finger though. Good to see you still have your sense of humor too. Now to let the swelling reduce so in 3 weeks the surgeon can see what is really going on. And we all know what to pray for, less swelling and healthy bone grafts.

by gerryvb 16d ago

hope and pray for your recovery. Your ring will fit again, Last year they did cut mine, and it was an expensive reparation ....Hugs for you )))

by momac 16d ago

Thanks for the update Vicki. Here's hoping and praying you are on the road to recovery. Hugs from Maureen

by airyfairy 16d ago

Poor Vicki, you have been through so much and now a burnt finger.

by pennifold 16d ago

Praying for full recovery Vicki. Great news re your ring, but sorry about your finger getting burnt. Love Chris

by crafter2243 Moderator 16d ago

You made me laugh.
Your ring will fit again. Lucky they did not cut it. Hopefully you get good news in 3 weeks. Till then prayers and hugs

by dailylaundry 16d ago

Wow, bless your heart - with what all you have been through and they burnt your finger too! I hope you are pleasantly surprised that the operation did do the trick for you! Hope your pain gone!! Take good care and keep us updated! Laura

by graceandham 16d ago

Just in case it ever comes up again, my jeweler's two tricks for tight right removal: spray bottle Windex (very slippery) and dental floss through the ring (can use a needle) to help ease it off. Also every minute or so, shake the hand to relax it so you don't swell further.

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graceandham by graceandham 16d ago

I'm not saying my hands are chubby, just larger than they used to be!

by toogie 16d ago

Glad you got your rings!

Hope this is the final surgery and all heals well.