by noah 02 Nov 2020

We have been having high winds and mega snow flying everywhere here in Northern,Ontario.Here i am out in it lol It is trying to pull my coat off :):)May your winter not be like mine .I am trying to show you how pretty my garage and old man wind are covered in snow.Hugs Carolyn xxxx


by lbrow 03 Nov 2020

Please do not send any to Alabama Carolyn. I get so stove up with Arthritis in the cold. It only got down to 31 degrees F. last night. Beautiful to look at from afar.

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noah by noah 03 Nov 2020

Ok i won;t send you any only sunshine Right God??

by marianb 03 Nov 2020

It looks very cold, no thanks as Chris said it's nice and sunny downunder at the moment with tomorrow being even better. Try to keep yourself rugged up against the cold.

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noah by noah 03 Nov 2020

i sure will thanks 4 looking hugs

by pennifold 02 Nov 2020

Ha ha, I was just asking on my post of the placemats if you are having things a bit chilly and lo and behold I see this post. I can see it's very cold and Mr Wind looks chilled!!!!!! Keep warm my friend, where it's a beautiful 24C.
I'm just off to collect Ophelie and Delphi from school. It's Melbourne Cup Day here in Australia, where the nation stops for a horse race at 3.00. I couldn't care less who wins, but you do get caught up in the hype.
The girls are having a sleep over and I will have to take them to school in the morning, which is only a 16 minute drive away from our place. Nothing is too far away in Newcaslte. Have a great night and good luck on keeping warm in what seems to be such a cold environment. This will be a good test on what the traffic is like in the morning rush hour, as the family move in to our place this weekend!!!!!! Love Chris

noah by noah 03 Nov 2020

Why they moving in i guess i missed something??hugsxxx

graceandham by graceandham 04 Nov 2020

New house being built - old one torn down.

by shirley124 02 Nov 2020

You will need to keep rugged up. Hugs

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noah by noah 02 Nov 2020


by cj2sew 02 Nov 2020

Better thee than me. I use to live in Idaho and we would start seeing snow. It was great because we loved snow skiing for Thanksgiving. Now I live in Alabama where we only see snow about every 6-10 years. We then run out and take pictures of it, because it is so rare along the Gulf Coast.

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noah by noah 02 Nov 2020

I wish:):)

by crafter2243 Moderator 02 Nov 2020

Just looking at the picture makes me cold. You however seem to pretty bundled up. Stay warm.

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noah by noah 02 Nov 2020

oh i am no fear of that lol

by 02kar Moderator 02 Nov 2020

You and the old man look like you are both happy. I admit, I do not miss the cold, the wind or the snow. I am a warm weather girl. And to peafarm, come on and have a visit in FL.

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noah by noah 02 Nov 2020

We are happy and not even cold i have two sweaters and long johns on lol toasty warm:):)hugsxxx

by peafarm 02 Nov 2020

BRRRR.......I am not a cold weather person. I am freezing and we are going into the 30's tonight. I just can't imagine living far up north. I wanna go to Florida----waaaaaaaa.

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noah by noah 02 Nov 2020

I too want Florida lol

by jenne 02 Nov 2020

wow snow already? going to be a long winter.

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noah by noah 02 Nov 2020

Yessssssssss very longggggggggg

by asterixsew Moderator 02 Nov 2020

Carolyn you look toasty warm. How early do you usually have the snowy season starting? Mr Wind looks rather cold

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noah by noah 02 Nov 2020

About now but it will likely leave a time or two yet then stay towards the end of this month.