by noah 16 Oct 2020

Thought you sewers might like to see the Deer farm that is not far from us.Yes they raise them till there two years old then put them out in the wild.There not pretty right now as there losing there summer coat and winter coat is growing Carolyn


by toogie 17 Oct 2020

That’s about all shows up on my husbands deer camera in the woods, doe. It is against the law to kill a doe or any buck with spikes under 6 inches here. My BIL that brings us corn, says he can’t tell if the steak I cook is beef or deer. I soak the meat in a little vinegar and water before cooking. It tenderizes and takes some of the game taste out. Nice herd.

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noah by noah 17 Oct 2020

your 100% right on we make sausages :):)

by lbrow 17 Oct 2020

Love to see them and do quite often meandering across my property from one wood to another. Often a mother with her fawn or twins . There is usually a stag standing back in the woods . Seldom do you see him grazing but he is keeping watch. Thanks for the Pic Carolyn, interesting.

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noah by noah 17 Oct 2020

Your welcome my dear friendxx

by pennifold 17 Oct 2020

Lovely to see them in the wild so to speak. Well at least we know they will be let free soon. Love Chris

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noah by noah 17 Oct 2020

yep late fall

by marianb 17 Oct 2020

A good way to keep up their numbers.

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noah by noah 17 Oct 2020

for sure yes

by killiecrankie 16 Oct 2020

During the week there were 2 deer running around the suburban streets of Sydney.One ended up on the rail lines near Central causing all trains to stop.One deer was eventually caught & had a police escort to the vets but was found to be in a bad way & had to be put down .The other deer escaped.

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noah by noah 17 Oct 2020

wowwwwwwww that's awesome :):)

by shirley124 16 Oct 2020

Interesting. Thanks for sharing. Hugs

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noah by noah 17 Oct 2020

Hello my Canadian friend:):)

by asterixsew Moderator 16 Oct 2020

Oh thanks Carolyn. This is one of the bits about Cute seeing about what is happening in other parts of the world. When I started teaching I used to pass a huge park on the way to work and there was a herd of deer there. Large notices told the public to keep away from the deer in the autumn and spring. Thanks for posting these interesting pictures

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noah by noah 16 Oct 2020

My pleasure hugsxx

by babash 16 Oct 2020

Lovely pictures. Are they let go in a protected area or are they likely to be hunted for their meat once they get bigger?

asterixsew by asterixsew 16 Oct 2020

I wondered that too

noah by noah 16 Oct 2020

yes to both questions to some of us they are food

by crafter2243 Moderator 16 Oct 2020

Interesting. In my old neighborhood we could not keep them out of our gardens or driveway. I did not realize that they had to be specially raised.

babash by babash 16 Oct 2020

Looks so cute to me but guess they also chew up your plants.

noah by noah 16 Oct 2020

lol i like these boys :):)

crafter2243 by crafter2243 16 Oct 2020

I loved seeing them in my back yard but they loved and ate everything I planted and left all the weeds. Can't say I blame them. The grands always got excited when "Bambi" showed up.