by asterixsew Moderator 24d ago

Reading Jans post on what one wears when at the embroidery machine reminds me of this. I wear glasses all the time, as I have got older and my sight is changing I do often take my glasses off to check over close work. Yesterday as I was clearing up from a brief embroidering session first I realised I hadn’t got my glasses on, then panic where were they. Not wishing to tread on them I was most careful. Eventually after a good 20 mins I collected my spare pair and resumed the search. Still nothing. I shut the sewing room door thinking after a coffee to resume the search. I came back downstairs and there by my chair in the sitting room were my ‘lost’ glasses. It is now gives you the chance to tell us about your sewing mishaps or perhaps you wish to keep them secret


by 02kar Moderator 24d ago

Since my cataract surgery I wear reading glasses for close up. I have pairs of reading glasses all over the place. Like Toogie, one day I figured out I had 2 pairs on at the same time. Too bad it doesn't improve my vision to have 1 on my face and 1 on my head. Poor Dennis would be shaking his head in amazement because I continue to misplace scissors regularly and yes, I have put my the thumb drive I use to bring my designs from the computer to the machine, not once, but twice now. And it still works. The designs on it are the cleanest you can find anywhere.

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toogie by toogie 24d ago

You put it in the washer?!?!!!

by toogie 24d ago

I think we all have misplaced our specks at one time or another. I slip mine up on top my head after cutting fabric with the ruler. The other day I sat down for a minute. I was going to look at my phone so I picked the extra pair up from the side table by my chair and slipped them on my face. It wasn't until I reached to remove them, I realized I had a pair on my head. I hurriedly looked over to see if my husband had seen and was laughing. I should have known, no. He was glued to the tv he had turned on, so he was oblivious to anything else.