by hightechgrammy 05 Oct 2020

This is a chatty chat.... I always wear a big cotton button up shirt when I sew. ALWAYS!

What is your favorite thing to wear while sewing???


by lbrow 13 Oct 2020

Whatever I have on that day but try to stay away from knits, since bits of thread and fabric want to cling to me when I sew.

by hightechgrammy 11 Oct 2020

Thanks, Cute Ladies! I think we all try to get comfortable! I never thought of using pockets! And, like some of you, I don't get dressed early in the morning. I love to sew in my jammies too! And.... I like to sew barefoot, which really bothers my sewing friend. She tells me I'll step on a pin or needle and get it caught in my foot, I always tell her, "At least I'll be the first to know!"

by pennyhal2 06 Oct 2020

Pants and a tshirt, bare feet because I hate wearing shoes.

by jofrog2000 06 Oct 2020

My glasses. Too many broken needles. I cringe when I see photos of people and their children with faces right down close as the machine goes zipping along.

by jenne 06 Oct 2020

Like Toogie, I am in my gown if cold I put on my house coat. Sometimes that is what I wear all day.

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toogie by toogie 06 Oct 2020

Jeanne I told my husband I’m soon going to need a new wardrobe, meaning new gowns!-lol

by mrskiki 06 Oct 2020

Like Toogie I am usually in my gown, in the morning anyways. Later on, nothing special. But always barefoot! Hugs. Nan

by toogie 05 Oct 2020

My gown-lol

by AuntAnnie 05 Oct 2020

My sewing/computer room is in the basement--which is always cool to down right cold! My required sewing attire is a sweatshirt and lap blanket and sometimes includes fingerless gloves.

by graceandham 05 Oct 2020

Comfy clothes, same as for cleaning house or gardening. If pandemic lasts much longer, I many toss all the other clothes, dresses, etc. In winter, I like to add a cotton interlock "sweater" that snaps closed down the front. It has roomy pockets and a cheery print and is quite warming.

by mops Moderator 05 Oct 2020

Just what I happened to put on in the morning. I only change when I want to use my knitting machine for a couple of hours: knits tend get caught in the knitting. But when it's just for a short period I don't bother, as if it won't happen then - not true :)

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crafter2243 by crafter2243 05 Oct 2020

That is exactly what I do.

by pennyhal2 05 Oct 2020

The most comfy things I have...Jeans and tshirt!.

by 02kar Moderator 05 Oct 2020

Interesting question. I guess I'm not very exciting. I just wear whatever I put on that morning. Usually it is a tee shirt and either jeans or stretchy pants that are comfy.

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by asterixsew Moderator edited 05 Oct 2020

Clothes. Often something with pockets which I fill with little bits and pieces like a tapemeasure in each pocket AND the landline phone