by dollygk 30 Sep 2020

Hey Cuties... does anyone have a Singer embroidery machine? My daughter has one and she is searching how to update her software but everywhere says she needs to use Windows Vista and no info for Windows 10..... any help??? Thank you ladies and stay safe!


by rescuer Moderator 30 Sep 2020

I don't know which Singer she has, but mine only works in "compatibility mode" with Windows 7. My software will not run on a Windows 10 machine. My software was written for Windows XP. Unfortunately, the embroidery part of the machine will not work without the software. The Singer website might be helpful for her. I hope her software is more recent than mine.

dollygk by dollygk 01 Oct 2020

Thank you for the help, my daughter remembered that she had an out of date laptop with XP so will try to use it with her machine!! Again Thanks dear!

rescuer by rescuer 01 Oct 2020

I hope it helps! The laptop is a great solution. It doesn't need to go online to make it work.