by 02kar Moderator 25d ago

Update on Suzanne: Dave said she is doing a bit better but still struggling with pain and energy. She has actually walked with the therapist out of the house and down the sidewalk toward the street. Her bruising is looking better so she is definitely healing. She sees the surgeon next Tuesday so hopefully she will hear very good news then. Hopefully, soon she will start feeling much better. Dave will let her know that she is in your thoughts and prayers. I'm sure that will give her something to smile about. Thanks again for all your prayers. I know this has been harder than she had thought it would be.


by mary51 22d ago

Thank you for the update

by basketkase 22d ago

Love hearing this, Karen......I am sure with this type of invasive surgery that recovery time is painful and longer than we hope for.......I also think because Suzanne had to suffer so long before surgery, it has to intensify her surgical pain. I am so thrilled to hear of any improvement for this lovely lady!! Tell Suzanne "you got this, girl"!

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02kar by 02kar 22d ago

I agree with everything you said. She sees the surgeon tomorrow so am expecting a good report. She just sent me an email and I happily reminded her of all of the improvements she had mentioned and ignored the complaints. Poor thing! I'm not always the best of best friends I guess, but I am thrilled with the good things she reported.

by mrskiki 22d ago

Thanks for the update. Hugs. Nan

by pennyhal2 24d ago

I appreciate your update and thanks for posting the info! I think a major surgery like hers taks quite a while to recover from. I'm sure she'll feel much better in the long run!

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02kar by 02kar 24d ago

I agree that it is a major surgery and it will be weeks more before she is really on her feet and living normally again.

by gerryvb 24d ago

great her health is improving, hope and pray she feels a lot better very soon. Thank you for the update !!

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02kar by 02kar 24d ago

You are welcome.

by maleah 24d ago


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02kar by 02kar 24d ago

I feel better too and look forward to hearing Suzanne talking about the things she needs and wants t do again.

by asterixsew Moderator 25d ago

Excellent news Karen. Unfortunately some people suffer much more with pain and recovery after an operation. The worst part is over and the healing is progressing, very soon it will be in the past and hopefully forgotten. Sending a cyber hug from the UK - a bit of it not in lockdown

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02kar by 02kar 24d ago

Good to hear things are getting better in the UK. I agree, I'm another one who struggles with the aftermath of surgery too.

by pennifold 25d ago

That is such encouraging news Karen. Day by day, and one step at a time. I am praying for her pain to ease. Love Chris

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02kar by 02kar 24d ago

Thanks I'm praying for the same thing. Good to have you with me.

by toogie 25d ago

It sounds like Suzanne is making progress. I hope each day will be easier for her and pain lessens more and more. Tell her to hang in there! We are all pulling for her😄🥰

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02kar by 02kar 25d ago

Dave promised me that he would tell her that our Cute family was still supporting her. I know that will give her comfort.

by dailylaundry 25d ago

Thanks for the update, Karen. Please let Suzanne know that we continue to pray for her healing. It can't be easy but, I know she can get through the pain and low energy - she is strong!! Hugs and love, Laura

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02kar by 02kar 25d ago

I agree, she is strong and has already been through so much.