by sebsews 10 Sep 2020

I am going to machine embroider words on this 100% cotton. Which way should I hoop the fabric to embroider the words. Stretch side to side or less stretch up and down? If I am going to add to a quilt, what stabilizer should I use? Do I make sense? I know Cuties will have an answer. Hugs and flowers to all, Suzanna


by pennyhal2 16 Sep 2020

Some quilt fabrics are not as high quality as others and tend to shrink and wear out faster. I use a cotton/poly blend for labels. Cotton/poly is hard to find around here nowadays, but Joann's has a fabric named "Target" that I like to use for lettering and durability. Either way, stabilizing the fabric is very important.

by toogie 10 Sep 2020

I just remembered, I think Kim aka dragonflyer made a quilt for her parents with the Charming station snowmen , maybe with saying too. She may could tell you how they stitched out for her & the stabilizer she used.

by pennifold 10 Sep 2020

Hi Suzanna, I tend to use an iron on stabiliser before I do lettering and I do it with the stretch from left to right as your lower sticker is. I make sure it is placed in the hoop really well. I'll add a picture of my finished label I did for my Pentecost banner from last year. Basically, as long as it is hooped really well and with the appropriate stabiliser you shouldn't have any problems. Practice with a scrap piece to see what it looks like first. Love Chris

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by toogie edited 10 Sep 2020

I don't know if I did it the correct way, but I hooped it just like you have it placed here. I used a tear-a-way and yes I picked it out carefully, but you can do it. I starched my block and pulled taut in hoop in all directions. Hoop fabric with stabilizer, don't float, unless you want to add additional stabilizer. I don't think I did but I may have. (Hey, that was 2 years ago.-lol)Just try a piece as a test, with the fabric and font you will be using. I made a lot of blocks and put a lot of info on our 50th anniversary quilt. Some do get puckery but quilts do that so it looks okay, but the main thing is it needs to read well. Do you have your words already made up? I like this font I used. I don't mind making you a label, if that all you need. Pm me your email.

sebsews by sebsews 10 Sep 2020

I knew Toogie would come through for me! Great information for me! I am using words from Charming Station. Words of kindness etc., not using words with snow etc. Not using the snowmen either. Remember way back when I won all that red, black and white fat quarters? I am using that fabric. This will be my first REAL quilt, so it will be a long process. My neighbor lent me 2 books, she suggested log cabin. I know mine will never be as nice, beautiful and professional as yours. What information goes on a label? Thank you, I may need your help! Hugs, Suzanna

toogie by toogie edited 10 Sep 2020

Any info you want. If it's for someone, you could put their name, date you made and made by Suzanna ____. Or you could put the name of the pattern you used, date made and again pieced by you, quilted by whomever or pieced & quilted by Suzanna. Whatever you want to include to tell about the quilt.

sebsews by sebsews 11 Sep 2020

Thanks for the offer. I will probably have more questions for you but I do not want to bother you. Once I finished I know other family members will say "Make me one too".

toogie by toogie 11 Sep 2020

No bother, IF I can help, I don;t mind-

by 1953slvv 10 Sep 2020

Stabilize it so there is NO stretch. I always use spray sizing on the area to be stitched to eliminate all stretch, in addition to cutaway stabilizer.

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sebsews by sebsews 10 Sep 2020

Very good information. I had not thought about sizing. Thank you for your comment. Hugs, Suzanna