by asterixsew Moderator 08 Sep 2020

Today after almost a 6 week wait my new baby arrived. My new machine was paid for as mentioned above. I ordered through my dealer (who I have no issues with) who then passed the order on to the HQ of the company who then deal directly with the buyer. Today I have been away from home all day, I just happened to bump into my neighbour shortly after I returned home. ‘Oh have you found your parcel’ She said. So behind the door of the shared passage was sitting my new machine. No contact as promised to say the machine was on its way and would I be at home to receive it. When I told my neighbour the cost of the contents she was appalled and looked horrified. The boxes are now safely in my home and I will be contacting the company who sent the machine saying I am not happy. Had it been my first machine of the brand concerned I would be feeling very distrustful of them. Right rant over and please comment as I would be interested on any views on this. I am just happy that I found the machine as I don’t use the side door daily and that it wasn’t market day and the doors

open and lots of people passing. I live right in the middle of town.


by pennyhal2 14 Sep 2020

You are right in being upset with the delivery. Especially since people steal things off of porches. I have dogs. They tell me when someone is approaching the porch and make quite a racket about it. Some drivers ar more careful than others, but they are under a lot of stress to get everything delivered.

by sebsews 10 Sep 2020

I am glad you have such good neighbors to watch for you. I recently ordered pizza delivery....never got it but a neighbor enjoyed it and he asked me to next time don't order with olives! I look forward to see what you make with the new machine.

by pennifold 09 Sep 2020

I can't believe the incompetence of those delivery people Caroline. Whenever we order anything we always get an email letting us know the parcel is on its way and like Marian we have Startrack too. I know my Startrack guy by name.
I've seen some videos of people actually taking parcels that have been left on their front steps or porches - just straight out stealing. Thankfully your wonderful neighbour stepped in.

What brand of new sewing machine did you buy? Love Chris

by 02kar Moderator 09 Sep 2020

I am so grateful your new baby arrived. Scary to think of how long it was left there in view of anyone passing by. I agree, set it up and make sure everything is there and in working order. I'm not sure if it is the fault of the company or the shipping people. Or both. I have noticed a significant reduction in quality from the shipping companies with too many damaged boxes left at our door. Thank goodness the contents (so far) have been OK.

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asterixsew by asterixsew 09 Sep 2020

Karen thanks for your comments. I have issues with both the delivery service and the manufacturer. I am working on it

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by gerryvb edited 09 Sep 2020

oh my, good thing you have it now, but unbelievable they did not send a tracking or delivery information.....or needed a signature for delivery. I can imagine you were upset about that. Well hopefully the machine is in good shape and complete. And you have to be happy with your new machine and with your neighbours....

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asterixsew by asterixsew 09 Sep 2020

I have brilliant neighbours. I am horrified at the lack of attention to detail with its customers and the delivery service too. Currently I am dealing with both now I have found out more from my dealer who is equally horrified and it appears I am not the only one

by marianb 09 Sep 2020

I have two door bells 1 Brass and 1 electric and it amazes me how delivery people can't ring them to notify me they are there the only one that does is Startrack. Your delivery people should have at least contacted you wit a delivery date so you could be there or arrange for someone to look out for it. It is a good thing you have great neighbours.

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asterixsew by asterixsew 09 Sep 2020

Thanks for your reply. Being in the UK I havn't heard of Startrack.. Today I have been finding out further information. Tomorrow I am contacting the manufacturer and the delivery service

by sewtired 09 Sep 2020

Truly clueless! It seems to be happening more and more. We've had packages left out in the rain and we were home, but they couldn't ring the doorbell? Also my husband recently retired and his co-workers sent him a wonderful chocolate cake. It was delivered in a flimsy cardboard box with a cellophane window, sealed with a piece of tape and left on our front deck. It probably would have been covered in bugs and or all the frosting melted off if our neighbor hadn't noticed the delivery and called us. Thank goodness for observant neighbors.

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asterixsew by asterixsew 09 Sep 2020

My dear neighbour I find out today signed the delivery note and my dealer read out that the delivery service said the machine was left in a unsecure place

by crafter2243 Moderator 08 Sep 2020

It is really stupid of the company not to send you a tracking or other notification. I wonder what they would do if it was stolen or you claimed that you never received it. Check out the machine right away. The way some delivery people treat the merchandise is horrifying and after that enjoy the new baby.

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asterixsew by asterixsew 09 Sep 2020

Thanks for your reply. It unfortunately will be a few days before I can unpack and set the new machine up as space has to created first. Had I known that delivery was imminent I would have done this

by toogie 08 Sep 2020

Oh my! It seems shipping something that expensive they would have required a signature. Of course, I hear stories all the time about leaving stuff without signing... so what kind of baby 👶 did you get?

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asterixsew by asterixsew 09 Sep 2020

Thanks for your reply Toogie

by dailylaundry 08 Sep 2020

Thank goodness you have it!!! It would have been awful for that to have gotten stolen!!!

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asterixsew by asterixsew 09 Sep 2020

Thanks or your reply. Had it been stolen I would have been creating louder and demanding a replacement