by dollygk 02 Aug 2020

Morning Cuties....


by dailylaundry 02 Aug 2020

Hi Dolly - we had been isolating in Florida from March to the end of June. Then we made the trip back with a few quick stops before reaching home to Grand Haven, Michigan. We continue to get our groceries delivered about every 10 days. We have seen a few of our family but look forward to the day we can be together as a family. I did have an embroidery machine with me in Florida and I really appreciated that. Please continue to stay safe!! Hugs, Laura

rescuer by rescuer 02 Aug 2020

I'm glad you made it home!

dailylaundry by dailylaundry 02 Aug 2020

Thank you!!

dollygk by dollygk 03 Aug 2020

Happy that you got home and safely!! Continue to stay Safe!!

by mops Moderator 02 Aug 2020

We have been in "intelligent lockdown" since March 13, which makes it only 142 days. No idea what "dumb lockdown" would look like :)
But I do know even the intelligent variety would have been utterly boring without hobbies.
Stay safe!

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dollygk by dollygk 03 Aug 2020

I DO know what you mean about having our 'things' to keep us busy and content he he Don't understand 'dumb lockdown' but do continue to do what is keeping you safe!!

by 02kar Moderator 02 Aug 2020

Oh my! I didn't realize it has been that long. But then I'm quite happy being home and busy thanks to being an introvert. Thank goodness for all of our hobbies and electronic ways to keep in touch with friends and families.

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dollygk by dollygk 03 Aug 2020

Keep in touch... if I couldn't be in touch with my sister in Florida I'd go crazy, we video chat often and it's fun!! I wonder if any one has come up with a design to commemorate Corona...? Stay safe dear!

by asterixsew Moderator 02 Aug 2020

Hi Dolly to edit press on the comment button and the edit button appears. Then decide what you wish to edit. Yes for many they have been at home self isolating for what seems forever. Take care and keep safe

mops by mops 02 Aug 2020

Press on the arrow next to the 'add comment'

dollygk by dollygk 02 Aug 2020

Many thanks ladies!!!

by dollygk 02 Aug 2020

OH wow... we use to be able to edit but I couldn't do so on this post... did things change???