by jenne 24 Jul 2020

has anyone ever used this, called perfect circle.


by dragonflyer 24 Jul 2020

Wow, I think you would need to make a LOT of circles to have these babies pay off... very pricey in my opinion....

by pennyhal2 24 Jul 2020

I haven't heard of it either. But, after watching the video, I'm sure I'd burn my finger tips in the process. While the concept is nice, I think it is more time consuming than other methods.

by dec716 24 Jul 2020

I was too curious not to find out how these are used
Go to link and scroll half way down to see video.

by toogie 24 Jul 2020

No I haven't. Are they used to make yoyos are circles for dresdens?

by asterixsew Moderator 24 Jul 2020

No sorry

by crafter2243 Moderator 24 Jul 2020

I have not. What are they supposed to be for? At first I thought they are earrings.

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jenne by jenne 25 Jul 2020

making circles for quilts. I have not tried them.