by sewdeb 20 Jul 2020

Baby Lock is running a "Summer School" campaign. A whole Summer full of projects to make for, or better yet, WITH children. They're into the second week, but the first 2 projects are there with patterns and a embroidery design when needed.

Scroll down past all the pictures of the designers who will be participating to grab the goodies.


by genin 21 Jul 2020

Thank you very much !

by gramsbear 21 Jul 2020

Thanx so much for this post! My GrGranDaughter is making small stuffies to give to needy children and I am printing off these patterns for her. She will love them...She is 16. Hugs, Judy...

by gerryvb 20 Jul 2020

great for and with the kids !! Thank you for the post

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sewdeb by sewdeb 20 Jul 2020

You're welcome!

by dragonflyer 20 Jul 2020

Thanks... I just sent this link to my 12 year old great niece. She has been taking sewing lessons at a local sewing studio for a few years and has not been able to go since this whole Covid 19 lock down...

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sewdeb by sewdeb 20 Jul 2020

I'm glad it was very timely. Hope you post what she makes.