by basketkase 18d ago

Staying busy to keep my mind off Sammi Saperstein....He is actually in here now laying next to my this boy......anyway, here is what I did today.......3 Moos and Boom GearHead.........this is a great one for the car enthusiast......both will be up on my website tonight......


by toogie 14d ago

I would say the 3 moos are me and my two sisters-lol-that's what I said about this purse I made-Remember this?

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basketkase by basketkase 14d ago

Yes, it!!

by lidiad 14d ago

Love the 3 Moos-keters! Well done
Hugs, Lidia

by sewdeb 16d ago

Both designs are great, although the cows are my favorite! Prayers for Sammi and you.

by sewtired 16d ago

How bizarre, I'm sure I commented on this post earlier. Just thought the designs were fun, but it's not here although all the flowers I gave are. Just shaking my head and perplexed.

by sonjapotgieter 16d ago

Awesome designs!!!Wishing Sammy speedy recovery!!!

by airyfairy 16d ago

Your cows are quite beautiful. Hope Sammi is going all right

by pennyhal2 17d ago

Those Moos-keters are fantastic! So very realistic. What a crazy quacker!

by pennifold 18d ago

Vicki, those cows look real! Prayers continuing for Sammi. Love Chris

by stork 18d ago

I absomootely love the Moos-keters!!!! Tonya

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basketkase by basketkase 18d ago