by sdrise 20 Jul 2020

I want to thank you all for my Birthday wishes.... We have been so busy taking care of 45 cats and kittens Yes I said 45.... We had six litters going at the same time.... 25 kittens in all.. The rest adults.

Today some of my babies are going in to be fixed so they can go home to their forever homes. Next week the rest of them re being fixed...
we have been busy also with screening adoptive families... Lots of new rules with COVID.. ...
We had been shut down for 2 months no one coming in but the cats kept coming. The first week we were open 7 adults got adopted.
a lot of kittens will be leaving this week. I have been struggling to walk too. Still waiting for my hip surgery.
But I wanted to make sure to thank you all... You are a wonderful group of friends.


by momac 25 Jul 2020

Thank you for homing and looking after these cats and kittens. Hugs from Maureen another cat lover.

by basketkase 24 Jul 2020

You are my hero, Suzanne!! You are the biggest blessing for your kitty community....I can't wait to hear when you will have your surgery.....this is way too long for you to suffer!! Take care dear friend....lots of love!

by hightechgrammy 24 Jul 2020

I just want to thank you for rescuing all these kitties.
I'm sorry too about your hip, that is miserable. Where do you live? Maybe I know somebody near by who might be good kitty moms and dads.

by sewtired 20 Jul 2020

Wow, and I am feeling overwhelmed with a semi feral mother and her 5 kittens in addition to my own sweet boys (neutered by the way).

by 02kar Moderator 20 Jul 2020

And you know I have been praying and cheering you on all of these months and will continue to so. Keep getting those kittle kisses and cuddles. You deserve every one of them. BTW, Suzanne forgot to include all of the fur babies she has also helped who have been injured or sick. She and Dave are AMAZING!!!

by pennyhal2 20 Jul 2020

Wow! That's a lot of kitties! Sounds like a full time job too. After your surgery it will be difficult to care for the kitties. Hopefully, you have someone lined up to help you out with them. Do you know how long it is until you get surgery?

by airyfairy 20 Jul 2020

Thank you for all you do to help the stray cats. You are a star.

by crafter2243 Moderator 20 Jul 2020

Wow Suzanne. I hope you are getting a quantity discount. Thank you for caring for all those fur babies. I found out how difficult it is, on both ends of the animal rescue, when I was looking for adopting another dog.

by pennifold 20 Jul 2020

Good on you Suzanne for helping all those cats out. I do hope your hip surgery is not too far away. God bless you for looking after all those furry little critters. Love Chris

by asterixsew Moderator 20 Jul 2020

Gosh you sound very busy. Belated birthday greetings. Good luck with finding homes for all the cats