by carolpountney 20 Jul 2020

Morning all I have not been around much lately have had other things on my mind but need a bit of inspiration. I have an 18 year old grandchild who has been diagnosed with leukemia now she is still in hospital but is expecting to be released for a few days but she wants me to make her masks with wording on something with a bit of humour I have come up with...If you can read this you are too close...but I need more sayings and for the life of me I just cant think has anyone here got some ideas for me . I would be grateful thanks in advance


by hightechgrammy 23 Jul 2020

I found these on Google searcing for cute sayings for people who have cancer. Maybe they will spark some ideas.

by clintonmiss22 20 Jul 2020

They don't have sayings, but has some free cute masks. A zipper, smiling mouth, mustache, monkey, quite a few. I don't know her instructions for making them, but I would iron a non-woven interfacing over the back of the stitches, if I made a mask with embroidery. Hope you find some that make her smile. And prayers that she does well with her medications!

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carolpountney by carolpountney 21 Jul 2020

Thank you have looked at them but its not what she wants but thank you

by toogie 20 Jul 2020

Carol I am so sorry your grandchild has this disease. Our pastor and another man at church has a form of leukemia. The young pastor about 50 just was diagnosed and the other man has had it for years. I hope your g-d does well.

I personally think, embroidering all those needle holes in a mask defeats the purpose, of wearing one. I wouldn't want anyone to have a false sense of security. I know the young ones like sayings tho, even some younger teachers. A PreK teacher called me to make some mask and she wanted emb on. When I explainned how I felt about it, she said she hadn't thought about it.

I hear of people wearing the same disposable mask over and over. Then I hear of someone getting virus 'even though they wore a mask'. It's also how you wear one. Wearing below the nose, what do they expect! I've seen that too.

Do you have a Circuit? Maybe ironing on a saying would be better. Oh but then, it may make it harder to breathe.I just don't know what to tell you. Good luck with whatever you decide.

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carolpountney by carolpountney 21 Jul 2020

Hi Toogie Thank you I have also got a thing about masks I cant wear one as I suffer from claustrophobia so I understand why some people dont like them Her mask will be double fabric with a lining inside as well so triple fabric. lining to be thrown away after use and embroidery will not touch her face. She just wanted something to wear if and when friends come to visit if she is allowed home for the weekend. Thanks for the kind thoughts

by graceandham 20 Jul 2020

Not funny, but how about "thanks for wearing a mask for me",

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carolpountney by carolpountney 21 Jul 2020

Thank you yes nice and short I could also embroider a heart underneath.

by lolly3 20 Jul 2020

Hi carolpountney, If you Google .... "sayings for face masks" it comes up with an array of masks sayings in images.
Regards Lorraine South Australia

pennifold by pennifold edited 20 Jul 2020

Hi Lorraine, I haven't seen you on here for years. I hope you are doing o.k. down in my home State. I see it's been colder than we're having up here in Newcastle. Love Chris

carolpountney by carolpountney 21 Jul 2020

Thank you I have been there found one that she might like