by sebsews 04 Jul 2020

This is a long shot but maybe Cuties can help. I am looking for this pattern. I do not know the number or manufacturer, I think Simplicity or McCalls. Most likely 1980's pattern. The shirt has sort of a V neck and you can see the notch out at the first button. Shirt has shirt tail so it can be tied in front if wanted to. Pattern may or may not include shorts etc. Picture is dated 1990 but I know I made it around 1985ish. Yes it is me back in the day of dark hair! Any help from Cuties is much appreciated! Hugs and flowers to all, Suzanna


by pennyhal2 15 Jul 2020

I don't recall that pattern either, but it is a great shirt! Sometimes I get intense about finding a certain thing and have been know to search for over 10 years for a fabric and it did get reprinted. Don't think I'd do that again, but I understand why you are wanting this exact pattern. Cute photo!

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sebsews by sebsews 15 Jul 2020

I have spent hours and hours searching! I am sure I donated the pattern along with others when I moved north 3 years ago. You can bet when I go south next year I will be checking out the place where I donated.

by arisann 11 Jul 2020

I will check but do not think i have it. If you do fin d the pattern please share the number bcause it looks very nice, great picture of you!

sebsews by sebsews 15 Jul 2020

I will share along with fireworks and balloons!

arisann by arisann 24 Jul 2020

you are funny, i am still looking too...

by toogie 05 Jul 2020

Suzanna, I have been searching to no avail, for this pattern. I can't tell if if has set in sleeves or raglan, but if you have a loose fitting top with a collar, button up pattern I don't think it would be that hard to make your long, no lapel, boxed front placket. Couldn't you fold back the lapel part of your pattern before you cut your fabric? Fold it to the inner edge where your placket begins and square off? I'm sure jenne has better tips than me, when garment sewing, but I think you could adjust a pattern if you have a loose fitting one.

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sebsews by sebsews 05 Jul 2020

Thanks Toogie! Top has set in sleeves. Your idea will probably work. I do have a loose fitting pattern I can try it on. I will let you know how it turns out. Today I did not search for the pattern...taking a break!

by momac 05 Jul 2020

Hi Suzanna, do you have a Hospice shop or SPCA shop where you are,
as here in South Africa we have these and they are donated all old patterns. Hugs from Maureen

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sebsews by sebsews edited 05 Jul 2020

I have been to one store that takes donations. They have thousands of old patterns. I may take a few hours and go through the patterns. I hope they have a table and chair for me! I don't know why I am so obsessed over this pattern. Thank you for the idea!

by powagrl 04 Jul 2020

Suzanna, I have to agree with everyone here, you are beautiful.
Many of the pattern companies are now offering vintage patterns. Here are some sites to help in you search. I hope that you find your pattern.


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sebsews by sebsews 05 Jul 2020

Thanks for all that information and the compliment.

by airyfairy 04 Jul 2020

Sorry but no help either. It is a lovely shirt pattern and the wearer looks pretty good as well. 😊

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sebsews by sebsews 04 Jul 2020

Thanks for giving me a smile!

by cfidl 04 Jul 2020

That is a big parrot! You look wonderful! I do not remember that pattern. sorry no help here.

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sebsews by sebsews 04 Jul 2020

Thank you for the kindness! I remember I was a bit afraid of the parrott.

by lilylady 04 Jul 2020

I sewed a lot back then but do not remember this shirt and I love the look of it. Sandy

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sebsews by sebsews 04 Jul 2020

Thanks I will keep searching.

by pennifold 04 Jul 2020

Suzanna, what a beautiful shirt, it looks so good on you and you are such a beauty.
I also love the Macaw you are holding, they are such magnificent looking creatures.
Sorry I can't help you as I don't recognise the pattern, but I hope someone does. Love Chris

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sebsews by sebsews 04 Jul 2020

Thank you for the compliment! I will keep searching for the pattern. One of my favorite pictures is of Blackie holding two birds on a trip to Bahamas.

by mrskiki 04 Jul 2020

Try contacting the pattern companies. Since you have a picture, it could be helpful. Hugs. Nan

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sebsews by sebsews 04 Jul 2020

Good idea! I may try that!

by asterixsew Moderator 04 Jul 2020

Hi without reading properly which is probably a habit of mine I presumed you were after a pattern of a parrot. I am on my phone so on enlarging your post and careful reading I discover it’s the sewing pattern for the blouse. Apart from suggesting you search eBay I’m sorry I can’t help.
Yesterday I went through a bag of old patterns from the 1970’s and found a pattern for a huge tiger. I have kept it as a memory of the fun we had with it but the many blouse patterns will be given away. Good luck with your search

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sebsews by sebsews 04 Jul 2020

The parrot picture was taken in the bahamas. I have searched etsy 40 pages so far and still on the hunt.